Using Optimized Blog Hosting Services For A Successful Blogging Experience

By CertifiedHosting 02/04/2011

The blog hosting needs of a personal user, a midsize business, and a giant corporation vary greatly. Personal users new to blogs may prefer free blog hosting. Even if they plan to only use their blog as a personal journal and not a source of income, they will quickly realize all the limitations that come with free blog hosting. As a result, users new to blog hosting will look for a better blog hosting solution like paid blog hosting. For businesses and private users who want to make a profit from their blogs or maintain a professional blog, paid blog hosting is the only viable solution as the variety of features and benefits with paid blog hosting solutions significantly outweigh free blog hosting.

Blog hosting services are also a smarter choice for hosting blogs over standard web hosting. Blog hosting services provide many useful features like one-click installs, the ability to host multiple blogs on one account, and other features that standard web hosting services lack. So which blog hosting solution is best for your blog and what are the benefits that make paid blog hosting the number one choice among serious bloggers?

A recently published Certified Hosting article, A Smarter Way to Power Your Blog with Powerful Blog Web Hosting Services, explores the benefits of paid blog hosting over free blog hosting services and standard web hosting solutions, explains how to choose the right blog web host, and shows you how to get reliable blog hosting solutions for a successful blogging experience.

Things to consider before choosing blog hosting services

Choosing the right web hosting solution to host your blog can be an easy task if you know the requirements of your blog. The primary requirement of any blog is that it needs to be successfully installed, whether it’s with a one-click installer or your web hosting provider installs your blog software for you. Look for a web host that offers a blog hosting solution with the option to successfully install your blog software of choice included.

When looking for the right blog hosting solutions provider, opt for a specific blog hosting plan such as WordPress hosting, Nucleus hosting, or Textpattern hosting, depending on the blog platform you prefer. Certified Hosting offers a variety of optimized blog hosting solutions that are 100% compatible with your blog software of choice. All blog hosting plans from Certified Hosting also include a one-click installer or free installation of your blog platform. Additionally, Certified Hosting offers free bonuses like free blog software updates and free installation of plug-ins required to run your blog.

To be successful with a blog, your blog needs to be available online 24/7. Uptime provided by your blog web hosting provider as well as the quality and availability of your blog web host’s customer support are extremely important. You want to choose the blog web hosting provider that provides a minimum of 99.999% uptime with customer support ready to assist you with your blog any time, day or night.

Certified Hosting provides an Uptime Guarantee with all hosting plans meaning you get guaranteed 99.999% uptime with any blog hosting plan. Certified Hosting’s solid customer support is available to provide assistance when you need it the most. Certified Hosting expert technicians are available 24/7/365 to answer your calls or support tickets so all your questions and issues with your blog will be dealt with promptly.

Get optimized blog hosting solutions from Certified Hosting

Certified Hosting offers the largest selection of optimized blog hosting solutions for businesses and individual users. All Certified Hosting blog hosting solutions are configured to be fully compatible and meet the requirements of the latest blog platforms and blog software. Certified Hosting’s philosophy is “If someone coded it, we will host it.” If you want to run a blog powered by software that is not on our blog hosting list, we will host it. At Certified Hosting, we provide a personal approach to each and every client and we make sure all our clients get exactly what they need to be successful online.

All Certified Hosting blog hosting solutions come bundled with dozens of features and free bonuses including unlimited domains so you can host as many blogs on one account as you want. Plus you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth so you will have enough resources to handle increased traffic. And you get free migration of your existing blog to our servers. Certified Hosting guarantees that your blog will run with minimal downtime due to our redundant networks providing maximum uptime.

With Certified Hosting’s blog hosting solutions, you will experience no data loss with our timely backups. Additionally, you will get one month of free blog hosting to see if we provide what we claim before you sign up with our blog hosting services and blog hosting solutions.

Visit to learn more about exclusive blog hosting solutions offered by Certified Hosting or call our representative today at 1-800-547-9995 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-909-498-4415 (worldwide).