We Have What You Need

By CertifiedHosting 03/01/2009

Here at Certified Hosting, we're very excited about our new website, and the various plans that are available to customers.

No matter what your web hosting needs are, we can meet them at a price that's right for you. You can start off small with the Dork plan, which gives you unlimited disk space and bandwidth for just one domain for $4.95 a month. You can step it up a notch to the Geek plan for $7.95, which allows you to host unlimited domains. For $13.95, you can advance to the Nerd plan, which gives you a dedicated IP address and a private SSL certificate. What more could you need?

Of course, if you need a dedicated server, we offer those, too. Our dedicated servers offer the leading control panel software, CPanel and WHM, which allows you to administer your server, and it allows your users to do the same with their reseller and individual accounts. One added value is that we won't charge you a setup fee like those other guys.

If you want to enter the hosting market, we also offer reseller accounts, which means you can start off slow without having to use a dedicated server until you're ready.

Combine that with our excellent support system-- we love our customers, and we take good care of each and every one-- and Certified Hosting is definitely the choice for you! You can get help by several methods: phone, chat, email, and you can also post on our forums.

We've been around for 10 years, and we have many satisfied customers. At Certified Hosting, we have a CEO who truly cares about our customers. With some hosts, you'll find that they only care about collecting your money every month. Here, we'll still collect your money, but we'll give you value: reliable hosting and a caring staff that's there for you should you encounter problems.

We work hard to ensure that our networks stay up, so that your websites stay up. We stay on top of new technologies, all with the idea of maximum uptime in mind. We also offer backup systems, so that if there is a power failure in one of our datacenters, your site still stays up. As for the servers themselves, we use only the best parts, and we make sure that your server doesn't overheat, which can cause costly downtime.

Add it all up, and Certified Hosting is, pardon the pun, the certified choice for hosting! We look forward to serving you!