Web Hosting More Than A Purchase, It’S An Experience

By CertifiedHosting 08/09/2010

Nowadays, web hosting companies are a dime a dozen. Hundreds of well-known companies fight for that search engine ranking, battle to offer the best pricing and constantly up the ante on features vying for their piece of the hosting market. It’s a tough battle, one that finds many web hosts continually scrambling for ways to cut costs and revamp business models - in addition to retaining their current customer base while doing so.

At Certified Hosting, we realize that the success of your online business relies heavily on quality web hosting. Uptime, network speed, tech support and pricing are important factors when choosing a web hosting provider.  Certified Hosting gives our customers an experience, free with every purchase.

Creating an experience with every purchase

Many different factors go into choosing a web hosting provider, but why stop once you have found the one that offers what you need at a price point you can afford? Certified Hosting believes web hosting is not a purchase but an experience. We offer access to exclusive forums, personalized service and support along with fresh hosting features that make it exciting to work on your website again!  

From our customer service department to our CEO, the Certified Hosting staff is available to every client big or small. We are easily accessible via phone, email and live chat to discuss your web hosting needs, your business plans or even your latest personal acheivement. Certified Hosting believes that the true secret to happiness is not having all the riches in the world but truly enjoying the experience that gets you there.

Getting started with the Certified Hosting experience

Make the choice and choose Certified Hosting for your web hosting needs. Visit us at www.certifiedhosting.com to learn more about Certified Hosting and what 11 years of industry related experience can do for you.