Website Control And Flexibility With Semi Dedicated Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 11/26/2010

Semi-dedicated server hosting takes your website beyond shared hosting, yet it is more economical than dedicated server hosting. Business websites and other types of websites whose reputation relies on constant uptime and high performance find semi-dedicated hosting a reliable solution. The greater amount of server resources in semi-dedicated hosting gives you power and customization as your website grows.

Certified Hosting’s recently published article on semi-dedicated hosting, Grow Your Business with Semi-Dedicated Hosting, defines semi-dedicated servers and semi-dedicated hosting, explores the advantages of semi-dedicated hosting, and tells you what to consider when choosing a semi dedicated server hosting provider.

Email reliability with semi-dedicated hosting

Having only a few hosting accounts on a semi dedicated server means your emails will not be blocked due to another user’s spamming. Your emails and attachments can reach their destinations successfully. And you can communicate effectively with website visitors and clients around the world because of the integrity of semi-dedicated server hosting.

Host multiple websites with a single semi-dedicated hosting account

Certified Hosting semi-dedicated server hosting offers you unlimited domains so you can host multiple websites with a single semi dedicated hosting account. Use your control panel to manage each website and allocate your server resources as you prefer with each of your websites. Each website on your hosting account will benefit from the unlimited tools Certified Hosting offers with all hosting plans.

Learn from Certified Hosting experts

The Certified Hosting website has many opportunities for you to increase your hosting knowledge. Our community forum, with expert Certified Hosting service technicians, is a hub of information and implements creative solutions to resolve your hosting questions. You can also improve the online experience for your website visitors by learning new ways to use the tools and resources available to you with Certified Hosting semi-dedicated hosting.

Certified Hosting video tutorials and knowledge base full of articles on different hosting topics add to the unlimited tools with each Certified Hosting plan. You can take advantage of these informative resources to set up your website and configure email accounts and databases exactly the way you want for maximum performance.

Semi-dedicated hosting for a high performing website

Semi-dedicated hosting for your website lets you handle increased traffic with speed. With semi-dedicated server hosting, you also get a CPU that you share with just a few accounts on the server, giving you increased security and control.

To learn more about how Certified Hosting semi-dedicated hosting can transform your website into a powerful, fast-loading place for your visitors to interact, visit today.