What Can Certified Hosting’S Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Do For You?

By CertifiedHosting 11/02/2011

If you’re serious about your online presence, dedicated hosting is the only way to go. Only a dedicated machine can provide the computing power required to serve hundreds or thousands of visitors at the same time. And the power and flexibility of a dedicated server allows you to create and host just about any kind of site you can imagine.

But with all the advantages of dedicated web hosting, a dedicated server is not for everyone. Many web site owners, from both private and business sectors, simply don’t have the technical knowledge, resources, or time that are absolutely crucial for running a dedicated host efficiently and securely.

So, what can you do if you are in the situation of requiring a dedicated server but you are not able to run it yourself? Should you take time off from your daily job to learn server administration? Should you hire someone to do it for you? Should you give up and go back to a shared hosting solution? For most people, none of these alternatives is a solution. There is an answer – managed dedicated server hosting. Read on to see what Certified Hosting can do for you and your business.

Certified Hosting takes the hard part out of running a dedicated server

The nerds and geeks at Certified Hosting understand that not every client is a computer expert and not every business can afford to hire a full time server administrator. The fully managed dedicated hosting solutions from Certified Hosting are the ideal solution for customers that demand the performance of a dedicated web hosting solution without having to learn all the ins and outs of hosting.

What do Certified Hosting’s managed dedicated hosting solutions include? Here’s a run-down.

Basic management

From installing the operating system to configuring Apache, applying patches, and any other day-to-day administration tasks, Certified Hosting provides a comprehensive set of managed dedicated server hosting services. With Certified Hosting’s managed dedicated server solutions, you can focus on your website knowing that a competent professional is ready to assist you whenever needed.

Monitoring services

Having your dedicated server and website monitored 24 hours a day can prove invaluable. Any managed dedicated hosting solution from Certified Hosting includes round the clock ping monitoring. If for any reason your managed dedicated hosting service goes down, Certified Hosting’s administration team begins investigating the issue and takes steps to solve it right away. No more waiting hours to restore your dedicated server.

Third party script installation

Need to deploy a CMS for your business? Do you want to start selling your products or services online? The most affordable, efficient, and straightforward solution is to use a third-party script. If application deployment is not your forte, a fully managed dedicated server hosting solution from Certified Hosting can save you a lot of time and money. Certified Hosting’s technicians will even handle module installation and version upgrades.

The managed dedicated hosting solutions from Certified Hosting give you an all-inclusive server management package that leaves little to wish for in a dedicated hosting solution. From the most basic tasks to complex operations that take time and know-how, you can trust that the professionals at Certified Hosting are right for the job.

Plus, Certified Hosting’s managed dedicated server hosting services are flexible and affordable. Customers who need basic managed dedicated hosting services can opt for a semi-managed solution for half the price of the full service pack. Additional administration time can be acquired on an as-needed basis, meaning that clients only pay for the services they use.

Enjoy a better managed dedicated hosting experience at Certified Hosting

Certified Hosting has been a leading player in web hosting since 1999. That’s over a decade of solid web hosting experience. Combining excellent technical infrastructure with highly-qualified personnel, Certified Hosting has established itself at the forefront of the hosting industry.

Certified Hosting’s top of the line dedicated servers come with a full assortment of managed dedicated server hosting services. With prices for all budgets and technical solutions to meet every need, Certified Hosting delivers unsurpassed managed dedicated hosting solutions for business and personal hosting customers. An affordable monthly fee provides access to administration services, server monitoring, and even third party script installation.

To learn more about Certified Hosting’s managed dedicated hosts or to order a dedicated server hosting plan, call 909-498-4415 or visit certifiedhosting.com today.