What Is Bandwidth And What Does It Have To Do With Your Website?

By CertifiedHosting 04/12/2010

At Certified Hosting, we provide unlimited web hosting plans that come with unlimited bandwidth. But what does that mean, and why should you care?

Basically, bandwidth is the amount of traffic allowed between your website and the Internet. With more bandwidth, more visitors can access the site, load new pages quickly, download information, or post on a forum or a blog – without having to sit there and wait ages for the website to load and process.

Unlimited bandwidth hosting

Whatever your website does, you want visitors to have a pleasant experience and keep coming back. The unlimited bandwidth hosting provided with Certified Hosting’s specialty hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting lets you configure your site and know that users can quickly perform whatever functions they wish.

So what is broadband?

Broadband works together with bandwidth. Broadband refers to the speed data transmits, where bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic. High bandwidth (fast data transmission) coupled with unlimited bandwidth (capacity for traffic) ensures a well-functioning website.

Unlimited web hosting

Not only do you get unlimited bandwidth with Certified Hosting, but you get unlimited disk space, unlimited support, and tons of options for configuring your website! The unlimited bandwidth hosting can be put to great use creating the ultimate interactive experience for you and for visitors to your website. Use the tools Certified Hosting makes available on all unlimited hosting plans for blogs, e-commerce, content management, forums, audio/video downloads, and more. Unlimited web hosting with unlimited bandwidth gives you unlimited options to create a user-friendly and appealing website for your visitors.

Unlimited hosting options

Unlimited bandwidth is just the beginning. At Certified Hosting, you can choose the best option for your website and your goals: shared hosting, semi-dedicated server hosting, managed dedicated server hosting, and even custom build your server and level of management. Our powerful and simple unlimited hosting is also available for Flash hosting with unlimited connections! Or put Certified Hosting to the test and become a web hosting reseller with unlimited accounts, unlimited domains, and other options and support. Plus web hosting resellers get free client management tools and billing software.

Any questions about the unlimited web hosting options at Certified Hosting? We’d love to hear from you.