What To Look For In A Cms Web Hosting Solution

By CertifiedHosting 12/19/2011

Content management systems provide a simple and effective workaround for what has traditionally been a huge problem for site owners: updating and maintaining sites. In the absence of a CMS, every modification to a website -- even a minor one, such as a change to the copy of the home page -- requires accessing and modifying the core files that make up the website. And because not everyone is adept in HTML, JavaScript, and other web technologies, editing website files often leads to problems that range from misaligned text to full-out website crashes. The alternative is hiring a dedicated professional or a team to run and maintain the site on a daily basis, which is often very expensive.

Because CMSs provide solutions to many problems related to website hosting, the demand for CMS web hosting is huge, and providers compete in offering CMS hosting services. In this context, many users may find it difficult to purchase the hosting solution that is the most suitable for their needs. If you are in this situation, here are some specifics that can help you make an informed decision.

CMS hosting security

For many customers, even business users, security is not a top priority. Unfortunately, this is what allows hackers to steal card numbers, turn servers into malware dispensers, and embarrass site owners. When using a CMS web host, you may be even more exposed to security threats than you would be with a custom solution, because attackers can use the known vulnerabilities of your CMS as an entry point.

Opt for a CMS web hosting provider that offers a reliable service (with a proven history) and actively protects your CMS installation, no matter if it’s WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. Also, be aware that CMSs with large communities, like the three we’ve just mentioned, are often the most secure, because vulnerabilities are found and patched quicker. Always apply security patches as soon as they are released, but keep in mind that you should probably wait a certain amount of time before installing major updates, to see if the early adopters find any new vulnerabilities.

With CMS hosting, as with any sensitive application, you should apply basic precautions, such as storing passwords and other private data on a different machine than your web server and using proper encryption techniques. Check with the CMS web hosting provider you’re considering to make sure they can support you in this matter.

Non-stop quality support

The fact that CMSs are intensely field-tested doesn’t mean that you won’t run into problems with your CMS web host. There are many cases wherein you may require the assistance of your CMS hosting service provider. For instance, you may find that your Drupal installation has an abnormal resource consumption level, or you may need to execute an upgrade to the database that powers your CMS.

By opting for a CMS web hosting provider that has skilled technicians on-staff, you get extra assurance that your problems will not go unresolved for days. An engineer who has hand-on experience with Joomla or WordPress knows the inner workings of your CMS and can quickly supply solutions to problems that would take you days to figure out.

Free services

No one is immune to the financial side of a problem, unless they have more cash than they can use. For the rest of us, things like free services and SLAs can tilt the scales toward one CMS web hosting solution provider over another.

Good hosting providers offer a series of complimentary services, which may prove especially attractive if you are not the technical type. For example, you can get free WordPress installation or you can upgrade your old Drupal site for free. Other freebies may include free templates, free tutorials, or a free website transfer. Another money-saving idea is to choose an unlimited CMS hosting plan which lets you have as many sites as you want and benefit from unlimited resources. A clear-cut SLA will tell you exactly what you get for your money and what kind of compensation you can expect if the agreement is breached.

Quality CMS hosting by Certified Hosting

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