When Was Your Last Back Up?

By CertifiedHosting 05/06/2013


The Importance of Maintaining Regular Back Ups of Your Website

Back ups are often overlooked when it comes to websites, databases and email records. Many firms think nothing of putting all of their corporate eggs in one basket, but they come to realize the error of their ways as soon as something happens that compromises their data. By then, however, it's too late to implement any kind of safeguards, so these firms must rebuild from the ground up. Here's how to avoid such a mission-stopping with back ups.

Why Does My Data Need Protection?
Data disasters come in all sizes. While system-wide failures are a common worst-case scenario, you might only lose a portion of your website content files or your email records. These losses are just as devastating because your entire organization has to go back and waste time retracing its steps.

Websites aren't the only aspects of a business at risk. If your consumer information database gets corrupted by bad access routines, or a server suffers a security breach, you may irrecoverably forfeit thousands of sensitive customer records. These events can throw a monkey wrench right in the middle of your daily operations, and they're extremely difficult to recover from.

How Do Back Ups Work?
Even top data centers suffer from natural disasters, server failures and other data loss events. The best protection is to duplicate vital information and store it in a secure location. Unfortunately, manually transferring, copying and saving information are huge tasks that take away from your staff's ability to actually get work done.

Our automated scheduled backups save the contents of your designated critical systems on a regular basis without making your firm pause and wait. They're ideal for organizations that innovate new technologies and create novel IT Services. At any given moment, your staff can go backwards in time and recover lost data or simply track their progression.

Automated back ups also reduce system overhead. Because these operations are handled by software, they can operate as background processes that don't require a lot of resources. Your web servers can keep serving your consumers, your managers can continue monitoring your sales statistics and your entire corporation can move forward happily while we ensure that your important information is secure.

Certified Hosting has a variety of back up options available. Please contact us to learn how we can help you to back up your important files today!