Why Certified Hosting Offers Quality Linux Web Hosting Services

By CertifiedHosting 03/15/2012

What is the first thing you consider when choosing a hosting plan for your web presence? Maybe you think about your preferred type of hosting service, whether it’s shared web hosting or dedicated server hosting. Maybe you focus your attention on the network infrastructure that will keep your website online, available, and always ready to handle your visitors.

But the truth is that the best web hosting depends on several different factors linked together by a quality operating system. After all, it is your web hosting operating system, or OS, that will keep your chosen service fully functional. Even if you find a hosting provider that can offer the network availability you require, or the hosting type you need at a price you can afford, make sure the hardware responsible for your website uses a proven operating system that meets the unique demands of the Internet.

At Certified Hosting, our core web hosting services use various distributions of the Linux operating system. In fact, we prefer Linux because we’ve seen how the right Linux hosting plan keeps websites responsive, keeps data processing faster, and customers happy and successful.

Linux hosting services with the industry’s most popular operating system

Whether you are using a computer for work in your office or to serve data to the Internet, your operating system is an essential piece of software that sets the foundation for your website or application’s success. An operating system helps control and measure the way your computer hardware is used by balancing the requirements of the different software applications that you run.

The most popular operating system for home and business use remains Microsoft Windows, an easy-to-use OS that is great for offline applications. But over the years, the Linux operating system and Linux hosting solutions have remained at the forefront of the web hosting industry.

The popularity of Linux comes, in part, as the result of its compatibility with other software elements. Linux makes up a vital component of the so-called LAMP stack, a platform for web development that is completely open-source and, as a result, can be sourced completely free-of-charge. The LAMP stack includes four software elements: Linux hosting, Apache web server, MySQL relational databases, and PHP to script the dynamic web applications that your visitors will see. With Linux web hosting, this standardized flow of development is available at a very low cost. In essence, this means that you can find Linux web hosting services at surprisingly affordable prices.

But Linux hosting services are not merely popular because web developers are unwilling to change. In fact, Linux web hosting services have some built-in features that make them ideal for the needs of businesses and individuals looking to grow their web presence. One such feature is the unique way that the Linux kernel at the heart of every Linux hosting plan handles system resources. While systems like Windows will aim to use every system resource, such as RAM or CPU, to its maximum potential, Linux has a more conservative approach to resource usage, leaving Linux web hosting services better suited for unpredictable traffic spikes or unusual demands on the server.

These are just a couple of the features that make Linux web hosting services so desirable for every kind of hosting solution, from shared Linux web hosting to dedicated Linux hosting plans.

Order a Linux web hosting service from Certified Hosting today

Since 1999, Certified Hosting has been committed to delivering the best Linux hosting services available, with plans designed to suit everyone from novice webmasters to even the most advanced web developers. Our experience with Linux hosting means that we configure every Linux web hosting plan for optimal performance and unrivalled reliability.

Certified Hosting provides multiple Linux hosting services, including shared Linux web hosting and Linux dedicated servers, as well as Linux reseller hosting. We are confident that you will find the Linux hosting plan with the features you need, at a price that makes sense for you. Whichever plan you choose, all our Linux hosting services include the friendly, understanding customer support that Certified Hosting has become renowned for – available 24/7/365!

To learn more about Linux hosting plans from Certified Hosting, call 909-498-4415 or visit certifiedhosting.com now.