Why You Should Build A Community With Phpbb Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 04/11/2012

In addition to using social networks such as Facebook, businesses of all sizes also routinely launch and develop their own online communities. It is common for companies to give their visitors an online space to ask questions and talk with other like-minded individuals. But what advantages do businesses gain from using phpBB hosting to start a community? Is there a logical, economical reason to invest time and money in phpBB hosting? Why should you create an online forum, discussion board, or message board, when ready-made alternatives already exist in the world of social networking?

It’s important to consider the benefits and advantages of running an online community with phpBB hosting, because this is the only way that you can keep your forum a vibrant, productive addition to your business. Let’s look at some of the major functions of online communities to explore what phpBB hosting could do for you.

What could a community powered by phpBB hosting do for your business?

The instinctive, obvious purpose of building a community powered by phpBB hosting is to make it easier for you to connect with your visitors and customers. A forum creates a central location where existing customers can create an account, post their thoughts, feedback, or questions, and get answers from you or your team of moderators. Meanwhile, the rest of your community may be able to help customers directly, saving you time that would usually be spent dealing with routine queries. But this is just one use for a phpBB hosting message board.

You can also use a message board to share information and updates. Although you already have the contact details of your existing customers, a surprisingly low percentage of visitors will sign up to a standard mailing list. A community gives visitors a better reason to part with their contact details, and once they have joined the discussion, phpBB hosting makes it possible for you to issue email updates to your entire community or post updates within designated forums. This means that you can conveniently alert every one of your phpBB forum members about changes to your service, giving potential customers the information they need to become paying users.

But none of these marketing and customer service benefits are the most significant reason for you to launch your own online community. In practice, the single most important thing to consider when you first order phpBB hosting is that the community you assemble is a product in and of itself. Your users will largely determine the form that your community takes, and if every user simply wishes to chat about their lives, or what they have seen on TV, this still adds value to your business.

Simply put, the reason that you should use phpBB hosting to launch an online community is because – as social media proves – discussion is the kind of content that the average person is looking for. If you can offer content that generally appeals to Web users, the likelihood of turning those users into customers will increase dramatically.

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