Why You Should Choose Private Dedicated Server Hosting For Your Business

By CertifiedHosting 07/27/2012

Who is in charge of your web hosting service? Most business owners who are not using a private dedicated server would tell you they remain in charge. After all, access to a convenient control panel allows them to configure settings across web content and email as necessary. However, in the case of shared hosting in particular, the reality is that most businesses find it is their web hosting provider who has complete control of their hosting service. Unfortunately, with multiple accounts hosted on the same hardware server, it is inevitable that a host must offer services that suit the majority, not the individual.

In an article recently published by expert dedicated server hosting provider Certified Hosting, How Private Dedicated Server Hosting Puts You in Control, we discuss the features of dedicated servers that make them the ideal choice for large and rapidly growing businesses. By reading the article, you will learn about the flexibility and customization possible with a private dedicated server, from hardware resources to operating systems and other software. The article also explains how dedicated servers are the most secure form of web hosting available, and why private dedicated servers are the leading platform for businesses that take the security of their data seriously.

Private dedicated servers securely store your data on the hardware you require

Increasingly, being competitive online requires you to offer your visitors an attractive, exciting, and interactive experience. It is no longer satisfactory to simply give your customers a summary of your products or services – they demand a social experience, customer service functionality, and the ability to place their order online. For any business that provides this kind of content to a large number of visitors, private dedicated servers offer a number of benefits.

In our latest article, Certified Hosting discusses the standard features of a private dedicated server hosting plan that maximize the performance and stability of your database-driven applications. You will learn how dedicated hardware resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space, work alongside dedicated bandwidth to deliver the best possible service, at the fastest possible speeds. You will also learn how having these resources exclusively committed to your business helps hosts guarantee a higher uptime for your plan.

What’s more, the article looks at the major security advantages of a private dedicated server. You will discover the importance of security at a time when more confidential and mission-critical data is stored on remote servers, in addition to learning how a managed private dedicated server minimizes the points of access to reduce the threat of data theft.

Get a private dedicated server from Certified Hosting today

With our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, Certified Hosting gives businesses the private dedicated servers they require to maximize their online traffic, revenue, and profit. In addition to offering a range of dedicated server plans to suit companies of all sizes, Certified Hosting also includes the features of a managed dedicated server – completely free-of-charge.

Managed services are currently available on Linux dedicated server hosting plans, with a choice of distributions including CentOS and FreeBSD. These services include 24/7/365 proactive server monitoring, initial server hardening to improve security, and remote assistance with your server as required.

Alternatively, you can opt to customize your private dedicated server with an alternate Linux distribution or Windows operating system, and tailored hardware resources to suit your unique requirements.

Every dedicated server plan also includes a 100% network uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 technical support, and an anytime money-back promise for your complete peace of mind.

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