Worried About Taking The Plunge To Dedicated Hosting? Certified Hosting Can Help

By CertifiedHosting 10/13/2011


Dedicated hosting delivers the performance and flexibility required to run traffic-intensive websites and applications. Nevertheless, in most situations, dedicated hosting is typically not the first choice of website owners. Most online presences start with modest resource requirements, which can be satisfied by entry level hosting solutions such as shared web hosting. As the site becomes more popular, the traffic grows, putting a strain on the hosting solution. This is when glitches, from random errors to extensive downtime, begin to appear.

The solution is to move to a better hosting environment – a dedicated server. But for many customers, especially non-technical users, taking the plunge to a dedicated hosting plan is a daunting prospect. Either for financial reasons or from a lack of technical knowledge, some people prefer to stick with their current hosting solution, even if it’s obviously not suitable anymore.

If your shared hosting or VPS hosting plan is no longer adequate, Certified Hosting can help you upgrade to a dedicated hosting solution, with zero hassles and downtime, and with smaller costs than you might expect.

Upgrade to a dedicated server or transfer your website to Certified Hosting


Whether you have outgrown your current solution or moving your business from another hosting provider, Certified Hosting is ready to help. You won’t have to jump through any hoops to get a quality dedicated server solution.

If you already have a Certified Hosting plan and want to upgrade to dedicated hosting, just log into your account and go to the Upgrade Package section. Select the features and services you want and the application will display the new pricing and the prorated amount. Just hit Continue to proceed to the payment process.

Moving from another dedicated hosting provider is super easy with Certified Hosting. All you need to do is create an account in the client support area and submit a support ticket that provides details about your previous host, such as cPanel credentials or FTP details. A Certified Geek will make every effort to move your site files to the new dedicated server, with no downtime and no data loss.

Moreover, you won’t have to pay anything extra. Unlike other hosting companies, Certified Hosting will not charge you for upgrading your account or transferring your files from another provider. You can even move complex web applications for free, as Certified Hosting offers free database transfer services.

Choose a preconfigured dedicated host or build your own dedicated server from scratch

With Certified Hosting, you can ask for a custom-built solution or opt for one of the preconfigured web servers, grouped in three categories – Entry Level, Midrange, and Pro Series. No matter what you need from your dedicated server web hosting solution, you will probably find it at Certified Hosting. From an entry level machine that is ideal for small websites to a dual quad-core powerhouse, we deliver dedicated hosting for every need and budget.

The most powerful dedicated server in the world is useless without an adequate connection. Certified Hosting’s data centers are connected via multiple redundant channels with major data hubs, ensuring that all customers enjoy premium quality bandwidth, with allocations of up to 100TB.

The service range offered by Certified Hosting is equally impressive. You can opt for a fully-managed dedicated server hosting solution, which includes managed services, system administrator available 24/7/365, server monitoring, and even third party script installation services.

If you only need basic administration services, there is no point in paying for a full service that you will never use. The semi-managed dedicated hosting services from Certified Hosting are ideal in this situation. The semi-managed package includes basic services such as applying updates or configuring MySQL or Apache. If you need assistance with more advanced problems, you have two hours of free system administration every month.

Of course, if you are an advanced user or have specialized staff within your company, you can choose an unmanaged dedicated web host. You get full control over your dedicated server and freedom to configure however you like.

Certified Hosting makes running a dedicated server easier than ever

With Certified Hosting, moving to a powerful dedicated server is quick and simple. In fact, Certified Hosting will set up your new dedicated server in less than 24 hours and move your files and databases free of charge. But don’t worry, the process takes place with no downtime or data loss. The only thing your visitors will notice will be the major performance improvement.

With Certified Hosting, you can focus on what really matters – drawing more visitors to your website and improving the bottom line. Our Certified Geeks can handle all server management, from system updates to security hardening and third party script installation.

To find more about Certified Hosting’s dedicated hosting offering or to order a plan, please call 909-498-4415 or visit certifiedhosting.com today.