What Do Your Customers See?

By CertifiedHosting 12/06/2013

Typically a person or company serious about building a website signs up early on for Google Analytics or a similar service . Heat map analytics, like that provided by Crazy Egg, provide additional and invaluable data about user behavior on your site. When you use a service that provides heat …

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Dangers Of Black Fridays Past

By CertifiedHosting 11/26/2013

On November 24, 1623, shoemaker's apprentice Nicholas Keeney became the first-ever fatality of Black Friday promotions when he was run over by an oxcart in Plymouth, Massachusetts, rushing to get a great deal on goose quill pens. Thus began the long and checkered history of Black Friday, by far …

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How To Properly Manage An Email List – Can-Spam & Double Opt-In

By CertifiedHosting 11/22/2013

Starting and maintaining an email list is not nearly as simple as it was in the early days of the Internet. Just as do-not-call lists protect consumers from being barraged by telemarketers, anti-spam measures by the US government and email services such as Gmail greatly reduce electronic junk mail. …

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Advantages Of A Content Delivery Network – Cdn – For Your Site

By CertifiedHosting 11/15/2013

[caption id="attachment_1740" align="aligncenter" width="210"] It's all about speed. (Image by Robert Scoble.)[/caption] A content delivery network (CDNs) is a simple add-on feature you can use along with any hosting account. Through a CDN, your site can be distributed worldwide. The end …

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Is Sitelock Worth Using?

By CertifiedHosting 11/08/2013

[caption id="attachment_1731" align="aligncenter" width="210"] Image courtesy of Berishafjolla (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license).[/caption] One of the third-party add-ons we have available is SiteLock. The basic questions website owners and managers have about the …

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Google Plus - Why Google+ Is Important & How To Use It

By CertifiedHosting 11/06/2013

Everyone loves to bash Google+ for not being as popular as Facebook or Twitter. Well, folks, I have news for you: Google Plus has been on a slow roast for some time, during which it has been changing the Internet recipe (it’s a dish and a chef: deal with it) whether we are aware of it or not. …

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Metrics - How To Evaluate Your Website

By CertifiedHosting 10/24/2013

One way to try to improve your website is through guesswork – basically by checking in with your own idea’s about ease-of-use and your perspective of what it’s like to visit the site. A much stronger and scientific way to approach site optimization is with hard data, which can be achieved through …

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How To Keep Your Blog Updated With Fresh Content

By CertifiedHosting 10/15/2013

We all know how important blogs are in the era of quality content and content marketing. We can use blogs to perform a number of different functions: establish our online presence, communicate with our customers, engage new visitors to the site, and provide valuable tie-ins to our site for our …

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How To Create A Creative Email Campaign

By CertifiedHosting 10/11/2013

One of the biggest challenges of a site is of course enhancing traffic to your site and engaging users once they have arrived. Though social media is an endless source of fascination for marketers, email newsletters are still incredibly strong ways to interact with your current customer base. …

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How To: Google Ecommerce Conversion Tracking & Kittens In Hammocks

By CertifiedHosting 10/07/2013

Big data is a growing concern for businesses. With all the analytics tools out there and the information that can be gathered regarding behavior on a site, it’s increasingly possible to groom one’s business based on looking at the numbers and ascertaining their meaning. The number seven, for …

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