21 Sep

What Makes a Good Video Hosting Plan?


Across browsers, smartphones, and tablets, video is becoming the most important content type on the Web. As a marketing tool, video is immensely popular and – most significantly – shareable. Facebook reports video content as the most shared media on the social network, and although images continue to dominate media sharing on Twitter, YouTube links are becoming far more prevalent. read more

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03 Jul

What Is A Virtual Private Server Hosting Service?


Often pitched as a good balance between a dedicated server and shared hosting, a virtual private server, or VPS hosting plan, is a great way to enjoy the reliability and control of dedicated server hosting at a price you can afford.

But at Certified Hosting, we understand that VPS hosting services can be trickier to figure out than the alternatives. That’s why we’ve called on our resident geeks to demystify VPS web hosting and help you make the right decision for your website.

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15 Jun

VPS Web Hosting Services vs. Shared Hosting

With so many different types of web hosting available, finding the right one for your web presence can be difficult. After all, it can be a false economy to choose cheap web hosting only to find that you require a larger plan with more system resources in a few short months.

For administrators of small websites or people who are new to web hosting, shared hosting may seem like the obvious choice. You get a place to put your web presence, your visitors can see it, and – best of all – it’s the most affordable. However, with virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting) available for just a few more dollars, is shared hosting really the best option to support your website as it grows?

Certified Hosting offers unlimited shared hosting plans, in addition to VPS web hosting across a number of different service levels. To make choosing between shared hosting and VPS hosting easier, here are a few things to consider when comparing these two popular services.

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06 Jan

Top Shopping Cart Solutions for Your Online Store


Shopping cart applications have one purpose: to make it easy for virtual customers to purchase products and services from your site.

In brick-and-mortar stores, shoppers use a cart to navigate the aisles, choose products, and take them to the checkout stand. The virtual shopping cart has the same core functionality, but it also takes the role of a catalog, by providing a means for users to browse your wares, and of a salesclerk, by allowing shoppers to pay for the products they want to purchase. More than that, shopping cart software provides inventory, order tracking, reporting, and marketing functionality. In other words, a good shopping cart solution will give you everything you need to create your virtual store. read more

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18 Oct
14 Jun

Quickly Create and Publish a State-of-the-Art Website Powered by Joomla

Joomla is an extremely popular software application and content management system used by tens of thousands of website owners around the world. Incredibly flexible in terms of extensibility and customization, Joomla offers an unparalleled level of user management. With Joomla you can quickly create a highly interactive website and then easily customize it to suit your needs. Tremendous power, ease-of-use and simple yet elegant properties make Joomla the web platform of choice for home users, small businesses, and large companies alike.

If you are looking for an easy way to create and publish a professional looking website that’s simple to use and economical to manage, Joomla is the best option for you. Whether it is a multi-language website, a blog, an e-commerce application or a media portal, Joomla provides everything you need to create and deploy a unique website or online application for little cost. This article provides information on Joomla and Joomla hosting solutions by exploring what Joomla is, examines what makes Joomla a popular option for website development and deployment, and explains why Joomla hosting is the right solution for your website.

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01 Jun

Build and Run your Own Video Sharing Website and Get More Online Exposure with PHPmotion

With video sharing websites increasing in popularity, getting your video content in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers is easier than ever. Savvy webmasters and business owners are making use of video sharing to get greater online exposure which helps to promote business and increase sales. Online multimedia file sharing has proven to be an effective tool for increasing website traffic, collecting more prospects, and expanding your online business. Whether you want to upload a personal video about your family or advertise your business online, you can do it easily with the help of online video sharing.

Recent advances in video sharing software allow you to do more than just upload your videos to existing video sharing websites. There are many video sharing scripts that you can use to set up your own full-fledged video sharing website with similar functions as major video sharing websites like YouTube or Dailymotion. In this article we explore one of the most popular video sharing scripts available on the market today – PHPmotion. We look at what PHPmotion is, why you may want to use PHPmotion to power your video sharing website, and what you need to run a PHPmotion-based website.

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13 May

Maximize the Potential of your E-commerce Business with Magento Hosting Services


With new technologies that have emerged in e-commerce, creating and running a dynamic e-commerce website tailored to your business is no longer a daunting task. Each e-commerce business is unique and every online store owner wants to customize the design and look of their website in a manner that attracts more customers and increases sales. Although there are several e-commerce development solutions available on the market today, Magento is by far one of the most powerful, robust, and feature-rich open source e-commerce platforms that allow merchants to set up impressive and highly customized e-commerce stores. read more

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03 May

Deploy your Own Social Network with a Comprehensive Set of Features, Tools, and Plug-ins Available with Elgg

Elgg is an award-winning open source social application framework that powers social network communities for various businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. If you are looking to create your own social network website quickly and easily, Elgg is for you. Elgg gives you the benefits of using out-of-the box features and popular social networking tools in a completely customizable environment to fit your individual, commercial, or educational needs. Lightweight and extensible, Elgg allows the deployment of social networks to be efficient, optimizing system performance and reducing development costs.

The easiest way to get your Elgg website up and running is to find an Elgg web host that specializes in Elgg hosting and provides reliable Elgg hosting services. By taking advantage of the Elgg host’s servers, optimized for Elgg and compatible with Elgg software and plug-ins, you will be able to easily build and run the next Facebook-like social network.

This article provides background information on Elgg, the history of Elgg, what you need to run Elgg, and the features offered with Elgg hosting.

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31 Jan

A Smarter Way to Power Your Blog with Powerful Blog Web Hosting Services

Over the past few years, blogs have gone from being just a hobby and a fun and fast way to let the world know your thoughts to becoming a powerful and effective online marketing and promotion tool. Blogs are more than just a personal journal now as more and more businesses and individuals are making blogs an integral part of their online presence. Blogs are used for a number of purposes like promoting goods or services, collaborating with coworkers, educating web users on various subjects, or simply sharing interesting pieces of information with a community. Regardless of the blog’s purpose, any blog requires reliable web hosting to be successful.

While many people may find free blog hosting like LiveJournal or Blogger sufficient for their blogging needs, many businesses and individuals do not consider free blog hosting as a serious option due to their numerous limitations and restrictions. Free blog hosting services do not allow you to have your own domain name and they lack many of the customization options available with paid blog hosting. Additionally, free blog hosting services are unable to accommodate large amounts of traffic, which is critical for resource-intensive blogs like popular blogs, corporate blogs, or blogs with media content.

Those who want to make a profit from their blogs will also find free blog hosting services insufficient for their needs. As a result, paid blog hosting is the only viable solution in all such cases. This article explores the benefits of paid blog hosting services over free blog hosting, describes the differences between blog hosting solutions and standard web hosting services, and shows you how to get the right blog hosting solutions you need in order to be successful online with your blog.

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