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Receive a 10% Discount

How does it work?
Simple! You place a link back to Certified Hosting from your hosted main domain home page

How do I get the discount?
Simple! Fill out for the form below to get started. Have your link back verified and receive a 10% discount on your next invoice and every invoice after that as long as your link stays in place.

Certified Pride
We provide a standard Powered by Certified Hosting icon or a custom icon with your name!

Refer Your Friends!
You can refer your friends and business colleagues to Certified Hosting and receive $65 per referral!

Join the Certified Affiliate program
and start earning today!

First Name
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Main Account Domain
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(ie: yourwebsite.com)

After you click "create" you will be given your custom icon

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Or you can use the standard "powered by" icon:
Powered By Certified Hosting

Program Details :
This program is available for shared and reseller hosting account only. Shared Dedicated and Dedicated server accounts do not qualify for this discount program.

1 and 2 year prepaid accounts are required to have a link back in place for 6 months before they are eligiable to receive 10% x 6 months of payments as a credit on the account towards next renewal.

Links back must remain in place and never removed. If the link is removed, even for one day, during the billing period, the discount will be removed your next invoice.

The Certified Discount program and Certified Affiliate program are separate programs and are not meant to be used in conjunction with each other. Your main domain home page link must be the exact link provided above and not an affiliate coded link. You can use affiliate coded links on any other websites you wish.