Certified Hosting – DNS Changes

Updating/Changing DNS

When ever you make a DNS (domain name server) the change takes around 24-48 hours to complete. During the 24-48 hours this a time period called “Propagation”. Propagation refers to the amount of time it takes for all the DNS servers everywhere around the world to recognize the fact that either a new domain is being registered, a domain name has been changed, or that the authority for that domain has changed. This can cause your website to be up and down randomly during the first 48 hours for different people at different times. The best way to describe this if you can think of DNS like a zip code. If try to send a letter without zip code, the post office doesn’t know where to send it and it may bounce around until they are able to find it. Domain names are the same way. If your domain doesn’t have the proper DNS set up, the internet doesn’t know what network and server to send your request to.

How To Update/Change Your DNS

Domain registrars have different procedures for changing or updating your domain’s DNS. Generally, they are all done in the same basic way. The account welcome email you received from us contains Certified Hosting’s name servers. Here are the name servers again Your name servers should look something like…


You will need to enter these name servers into the fields at your specific domain registrar.

Video Tutorials

We have some great video tutorials available for the most popular domain registrars that show the exact steps to take in order to change your name servers. If you are having trouble and you feel comfortable giving our staff your login to your domain registrar, we are happy to make the changes for you. Just open a support ticket.