Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Certified Hosting offers a "No Questions Asked" Anytime Money Back Guarantee!

Our cancellation policy is very simple – if you cancel your hosting account and request a refund, we will issue a prorated refund for unused hosting time. Used hosting time, also known as billable account time, is billed at regular monthly rates.

The refund amount is calculated after deducting any set up fees, add-ons, domain registration charges, and free SSL certificate fee. However, you get to keep your domain name. After the official waiting period of 60 days, you will be free to transfer your domain name away from us. If you choose to keep it with us after cancelling your hosting account, you will still be able to use your domain name and point your Nameservers to elsewhere.

Free domain name and SSL certificate are included with some hosting packages. If you decide to cancel your hosting account that offers free domain registration and/or SSL certificate, we will deduct the charges from your prorated refund amount.

Does not apply to dedicated servers. BitCoin payments are non refundable and only account credit will be issued for payments made via BitCoin Other terms and conditions apply. See full terms and conditions here: