Can I Use My Own Nameservers (Dns) On Your Reseller Plan?

By CertifiedHosting 02/23/2010

First, let me explain what DNS is. DNS stands for Domain Name Service. DNS translates IP addresses into domain names. Each domain name must list nameservers. With your own custom nameservers (DNS) it would look something like, and Your name server would then translate the IP address of the server for that particular domain name.  

So can I use my own nameserver on Certified Hosting's reseller plan? Yes! Custom nameservers (DNS) are an essential part of our reseller plan as it takes owning your own hosting company to the next level. With your own custom DNS, you are able to brand and market your hosting company and your customers are not confused by who they are actually hosting with. 

Other than our reseller plan, you must have a dedicated server to use your own custom nameservers. Custom DNS is not available on our shared hosting plans.