Custom Dedicated Web Hosting Offers Customers More Flexibility, Ultimate Control, And Significant Cost Savings

By CertifiedHosting 04/06/2011


Has your thriving company website been experiencing a high volume of traffic lately? Are you thinking about expanding your online business? Do your current mission-critical business operations require the complete reliability and security? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this means the time has come for you to start thinking about getting something bigger and more powerful than shared hosting for your website. Migrating your website to a more expensive hosting service such as dedicated hosting is a serious, crucial undertaking and can be expensive.   However, it is only logical that you move to a dedicated server if you want to see your online business thrive for years to come. When you consider the multiple benefits moving to a dedicated server delivers, you will quickly learn that it’s money well spent.

The first choice you will have to make prior to planning your move to a dedicated server is the type of dedicated server hosting service you need. Usually, customers have two options – either go with a managed solution with all the hardware, software options, and management services included or custom build their own dedicated server from the ground up and fully administer it with powerful custom dedicated hosting services. What is the difference between the two? And which one is preferable? This article explores custom dedicated server web hosting, its features and benefits over managed dedicated hosting services, and provides tips on choosing a reliable custom dedicated hosting solution from a reliable hosting provider.

The difference between managed dedicated hosting and custom dedicated hosting service

While getting a fully managed dedicated hosting solution may be appealing to some businesses and private users who do not want to manage their server, it also the most expensive because full server management will be provided by the web host, and this is usually a time consuming, complex, and costly routine. Not all businesses have the resources required for hiring in-house IT specialists or setting up IT departments. And not all webmasters have the knowledge required to administer a dedicated server. Therefore, full server management services offered by web hosts is the only viable alternative and for a moderate fee, customers get a full range of services without incurring the costs associated with hiring IT technicians.

With custom dedicated server hosting, however, customers only pay for server hardware, operating system installation, and in some cases, a control panel of choice. Customers get to select all server components so they can build their own custom configuration from the ground up, allowing them to only choose the features and components they want. Basically, the web host only assembles the dedicated server based on the configuration chosen by the customer, installs an operating system, installs a control panel and some basic web tools, and then passes on the IP address, login, and other pertinent information to the customer. After that, the server is at the customer’s full disposal, with server management being their sole responsibility.

Types of customers who require custom dedicated hosting solutions

Why would someone need to custom build a dedicated server and manage it when you can get a complete turn-key solution with full server management for an additional fee? Actually, there are plenty of users who choose unmanaged custom dedicated hosting. Most businesses already have full time IT specialists who manage company desktops and networks. Many of these specialists are also required to manage a company website and therefore have the necessary skills to administer a website account. If required, specialists can receive necessary training and gain the knowledge needed to administer a dedicated server. This would be a one-time investment and it would still be cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars on web host-provided management services month after month.

Many businesses require custom-built dedicated servers for specific needs like running a dedicated mail server, company MySQL databases, or even for backup purposes. Such servers often need specific configurations that cannot be assembled using options included in fully managed hosting plans. These server setups do not require many software options and full-time management that come with fully managed packages. In order to fully customize the servers to their exact needs as well as to save money on unnecessary options, businesses opt to build and manage their own servers with custom dedicated server hosting. Basically, custom dedicated servers are indispensable for customers who need the ability to fully customize their server to their exact needs and save money on unnecessary options and management services.

Benefits of custom-building your own dedicated server and things you should know prior to getting one

Getting an unmanaged custom dedicated hosting solution does not mean you are left completely in the dark without knowing what goes on with your server in your hosting provider’s data center. You still receive some required basic management services that you would not otherwise perform simply because you have no physical access to your server. These services include hardware upgrades and additions, hardware replacement in case of failures, regular backups, data restore in case of failure, security patches, and other options that vary from host to host. Some web hosts offer plenty of a la carte features that can be added and removed on the fly as needed so you can select and pay only for the services that you absolutely need to enhance your hosting experience.

Some of the benefits that custom dedicated hosting offers include:

  • Completely flexibility.
  • Ability to custom-build your server from the ground up.
  • Variety of hardware components and software to choose from.
  • Ultimate control over your dedicated server.
  • Choose and pay only for the services you need.
  • Significant cost savings on management services.

Web hosts even allow customers to purchase semi-managed to fully-managed services should they need it. With the ability to fully customize your server, you can build a system that meets the exact needs of your website and business applications. Plus you have plenty of room for future growth. Full root access on your custom dedicated server gives you the ability to install your own operating system and various types of software, fine-tune server performance, compile kernels, start or stop processes at will – all without having to submit a ticket. But these are not the only options you should look for when choosing a web hosting provider. Find a reliable web host with a great uptime record at 99.9% or better, fast and reliable network, and solid customer support for your custom-built unmanaged, semi-managed, or managed server to perform consistently and without failures.


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Certified Hosting is absolutely committed to providing the best personalized customer support possible so customers can get help whenever needed. Customers can reach Certified Hosting support 24/7 via toll-free phone, live chat, and ticket system. With managed, semi-managed, or unmanaged services, you will always have an expert technician available to answer any questions you have about your server. Should any issues with your custom-built server arise, Certified Hosting technicians will assist you every step of the way to get them resolved quickly. Our custom dedicated servers are an excellent opportunity for businesses with resources and server administration expertise to cost-effectively leverage our first-class datacenter infrastructure while maintaining business growth, server responsiveness, and scalability.

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