Dolphin Hosting Offers An Optimized Hosting Platform With Full Support Of Dolphin-Based Social Networks, Online Communities, And Dating Websites

By CertifiedHosting 04/21/2011


Social software has radically changed the way people communicate. You can now easily meet with friends, find a date, exchange voice and text messages, share videos and photos, collaborate on projects, comment on other peoples’ posts, post your own thoughts and ideas, and communicate in many other ways without even leaving your home. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and an account on popular social networking and community websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, or Match. Maintaining accounts on all these websites simultaneously can be a real hassle as you would need to spend most of your day just logging in and out of all your accounts. Now imagine if you could have all the services offered by these popular websites as well as many other services and features available to you in a single, easy to manage package.

Better yet, imagine if you could build your own Twitter-like network, Facebook-like community or Match-like dating website and maintain it on your own. The great news is you can easily do so. Modern all-in-one social software solutions will allow you to effortlessly build your social network, online community, dating website, media sharing hub, and a lot more. One of the most popular social software solutions on the market is BoonEx Dolphin used by thousands of webmasters worldwide. More than three million users have downloaded the package and more than a hundred thousand webmasters have joined the Dolphin community to date. What makes Dolphin so popular? This article explores Dolphin, outlines its features and benefits over other solutions, Dolphin hosting requirements, and provides tips on choosing the right Dolphin hosting solution.

Why Dolphin is so popular and what makes Dolphin stand out from other similar social software offerings


Dolphin is one of the most advanced open-source social software solutions available today. Developed by BoonEx, Dolphin has grown into a robust all-in-one suite that integrates PHP community scripts, flash applications, and mobile applications for easy building of social networks, dating sites, niche communities, and media sharing portals of any complexity. Dolphin’s flexibility allows webmasters to adapt it to almost any kind of community website by adding, removing or integrating custom features on-the-fly. The solution also comes with completely unencrypted source code, giving webmasters full control of their Dolphin installation and enabling them to build a unique social network or niche community website. Unlike other social software, Dolphin is fully functional out-of-the-box and does not require extensive configuration and customization. The installation process is simple and straightforward and so is the upgrade process.

Here are some of the prominent features that make Dolphin the number one choice with thousands of webmasters worldwide:

  • Full control – Dolphin is open-source, free, and virtually limitless.
  • Feature-rich – comes packed with all the necessary modules, flash, mobile, and desktop applications.
  • Utmost flexibility – features on-the-fly page builders, free templates, video/audio conversion, membership and access levels, and more.
  • Extensibility – can be extended with hundreds of community extensions and plug-ins.
  • Vast community – get support from thousands of webmasters worldwide by joining BoonEx Unity.
  • Full customization – features customizable database fields and forms so you can build any type of community.


Dolphin package includes a video chat, video messenger, various players, desktop application, groups, blogs, files, media sharing, and multiple other features, making it the most feature-rich solution for building powerful interactive community websites. Webmasters can choose any features they need for their website by turning them on an off. They can also easily modify the source code to their requirements without sacrificing the stability of their Dolphin installation. Dolphin’s code can be easily customized by webmasters even with basic knowledge of PHP scripting language. Dolphin’s architecture is highly scalable, allowing webmasters to effortlessly accommodate from a dozen up to millions of members. Best of all, these great features can be obtained absolutely free. However, there are also paid licenses for webmasters who would like to remove BoonEx links and banners from their website.

Hosting tips and requirements for Dolphin web hosting

Built with so many components, Dolphin software has specific hosting requirements in order to run successfully. Although a default Dolphin installation can work with common server configurations, many of the features require additional components and configurations to work. Like with any software, it is important to make sure your hosting plan has what it takes to install and run your Dolphin installation with all the features that you need. To avoid any technical issues with the software due to improper server setup, choose a web host that offers Dolphin-ready hosting plans, offers a 1-click install or preinstalls Dolphin on your account, and has experience with managing hosting accounts running Dolphin. Some hosting providers offer special Dolphin web hosting services that include everything you need to successfully run your Dolphin-powered website.

With a properly configured server, Dolphin can easily run on shared hosting, however, some features such as video chat, instant messaging, boards, and video recorder require a server with media streaming capabilities. For this, you would need either a VPS or a dedicated server with Ray Media Server (RMS) installed. Additionally, if you plan to have a forum on your website, you will need a hosting account that will allow you to run Orca forum script alongside your Dolphin installation. Another important aspect to consider is backup services offered by a web host. Make sure your hosting provider backs up all your website data regularly and make sure you will have easy access to your website in case of emergency. Look for a hosting provider that offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Unlimited Dolphin web hosting services from Certified Hosting are specifically tailored and optimized for BoonEx software


Not all hosting companies have hosting plans set up or configured to meet Dolphin requirements. Dolphin web hosting solutions from Certified Hosting have been specifically tailored and optimized from the ground up for full support of BoonEx Dolphin and Orca Interactive Forum Script. Not only do these solutions include all the features and meet or exceed all specified requirements for BoonEx software, they also come bundled with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, allowing you to host unlimited Dolphin communities and accommodate virtually an unlimited number of community members. All Certified Hosting servers are prebuilt using only the top of the line hardware and the latest software technologies to provide the highest performance of your Dolphin installation.

Additionally, advanced software technologies used across Certified Hosting’s shared hosting platform offers the maximum uptime possible in the hosting industry. The stability, reliability, and uninterrupted performance of your Dolphin server will provide the best overall hosting experience for you and your website members and visitors. With Certified Hosting’s unlimited Dolphin hosting service, you also get a one-click Dolphin installation script that can be easily installed directly from your control panel. Certified Hosting also offers a separate RMS hosting service for your BoonEx installation to enable video sharing, messaging, and other media features. RMS hosting comes in two flavors – shared RMS and private RMS so you can choose the one that best meets your needs and fits your budget. Your installation will be backed up regularly by Certified Hosting’s dedicated support team in addition to 24/7 server and network monitoring so your valuable data is always safe and available.

To learn why Dolphin hosting from Certified Hosting is superior to hosting plans from other web hosts, visit or call a Certified Hosting representative today at 1-800-547-9995 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-909-498-4415 (worldwide).