Entering The Hosting Business: Should You Be A Reseller?

By CertifiedHosting 05/03/2010


Website hosting is an exciting business to be in, and relatively simple to start up and get your feet wet. With web hosting, you give people the technical foundation their websites need – so they can inform and educate their visitors about their products, services, and content available on their website.

A quick and simple way to start a web hosting business is to become a web hosting reseller for an established web hosting company. With reseller hosting, you save time and money compared to the costs involved in establishing a web hosting business from scratch. There are many great reasons to jump into becoming a web hosting reseller, and also some important things to consider about the business side of reselling and choosing the right web host reseller program. This article explains the benefits, the responsibilities, and the support you need for starting and maintaining a web hosting reseller business.

Getting started with reseller hosting

With reseller hosting, you can get to know your customers and build a lasting relationship with them, making it easy to grow and expand your business further. Once you sign up for a reseller account and choose the best reseller plan for your goals, just get your website up and the possibilities are endless!

The benefits of becoming a reseller

Becoming a web hosting reseller gives you control over your business, including marketing and the individual hosting plans you offer. Plus it gives you control over how much money you make. Here is an overview of the benefits of choosing to be a reseller:

1. More control – You get your own control panel where you can create hosting plans to offer to individual clients.
2. Low investment – No need to purchase costly hardware and pay for expensive staff, which is necessary when creating your own hosting company from scratch. Your only startup and ongoing costs are the monthly plan and the little amount of money you spend on marketing and staff depending on how fast your business develops.
3. Build your own brand – Customers will get to know you and you can create a relationship with each of your customers.
4. More profit – Set your own prices to maximize profits. Keep whatever you earn. Unlike an affiliate, you earn residual income because customers purchase the service from you instead of going directly to your hosting provider.
6. Easy to set up – Hosting companies provide tools and support to get you started.

Reseller responsibilities

Reseller programs come with great benefits, and as with every business, you also have responsibilities toward your clients. The following are some responsibilities you should consider when thinking of starting a web hosting reseller business:

1. Work load – You need to set up your own pricing, marketing, billing and you may need to provide your own first level technical support.
2. Recurring monthly fee – You have to make sure you have customers to sell to in order to make money beyond the price of your reseller plan.
3. Monetary outlay before getting any customers – You need to pay in advance for the first month, and then set up your business.

Important aspects to consider when choosing a web host

The service a web hosting reseller provides is as strong as the hosting company the reseller is using. Carefully look into the web hosting company you want to use and study their reseller hosting plans. You need a reliable company to support your business, and you want to offer your customers a quality service. That way you will satisfy your customers and your business can grow based on a strong reputation.

One thing to examine is how much bandwidth and disk space you get so you can provide enough of both to host well-equipped websites with fast download times. Another important point is the quality of the technology your web host uses and their server policies. Investigate whether they crowd their servers in order to make more money and in what ways the company protects their system from unknown disasters. Other elements to look into when choosing a web hosting reseller company include how easy it is to use their control panel to manage accounts and what types of features they have for you to enhance your customers’ websites like email, shopping carts, forums, and database file management. Finally, and probably the most important part of your reseller business – thorough and fast service and support, available at any time.

The Certified Hosting reseller plan has the quality, features, and service you need

With one of the most comprehensive reseller hosting plans available in the hosting industry, Certified Hosting offers unlimited options for web hosting resellers. You can choose a plan that suits your business and easily offer hosting that satisfies whatever your customers need for their websites.

Every Certified Hosting reseller web hosting plan comes with the ability to set up unlimited client accounts and unlimited domain names. You can choose the right bandwidth and disk space for your business to give your customers the service they need without worrying about mediocre data transfer speeds. Certified Hosting’s data centers use quality hardware and software and guarantee 99.99% uptime, so you can have confidence knowing that your website and your clients’ websites are secure.

The cPanel/WHM control panel available with all Certified Hosting plans is the #1 choice of webmasters, so you know you can depend on managing your client accounts effortlessly. You have unlimited options for specifying web hosting packages, creating accounts, generating billing, and more. The free features in Certified Hosting’s reseller plans give you the power to host an unlimited variety of websites including unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases and ecommerce capabilities.

No matter what questions you have, Certified Hosting technical support is always available online and by phone to help you work out any issue. The numerous Flash tutorials and extensive knowledge base give you the extra edge to provide web hosting reseller services with confidence.

Taking the first step

With Certified Hosting’s affordable reseller web hosting program, you get a reliable web hosting reseller system protected by top of the line technology, 24-7-365 support, and Certified Hosting’s 99.99% uptime guarantee. Visit certifiedhosting.com or call 1-800-547-9995 to explore the unlimited options for creating your own profitable web hosting business.