Entering The Hosting Business: Should You Be An Affiliate Marketer?

By CertifiedHosting 05/11/2010


Affiliate marketing is a great way to set up your own business with no start-up costs and very little demands on your time. Becoming an affiliate marketer in the web hosting industry is a great way to get started in this profitable and in-demand business without taking on responsibilities you may not be ready for, such as customer satisfaction or creating your own hosting packages. In addition to explaining the many benefits of affiliate web hosting, this article also explores aspects of affiliate marketing you should know before starting, such as the caliber of the company you are promoting and any monetary returns you may have as a web hosting affiliate.

Becoming a web hosting affiliate marketer

With affiliate hosting, you don’t need an advanced degree, or even technical web hosting knowledge. Just choose a web hosting company and sign up with their affiliate program. Once your account has been approved and created, the hosting company will send you a login to your web hosting affiliate control panel. You’ll get an affiliate code you can use to embed in your affiliate web pages so when visitors buy a web hosting plan from your link, you get paid. It’s that easy.

The easiest way to start your business as a web hosting affiliate

Starting an affiliate web hosting business is a fast, simple and hassle-free way to get your feet wet in web hosting. With only a small monetary and time investment, affiliate web hosting may be the best way to build a profitable business. Here is an overview of the benefits of being a web hosting affiliate marketer:

1. No technical expertise necessary.
2. No initial investment needed. Joining an affiliate hosting program is free.
3. Hassle-free, no administrative work to be done – the hosting provider will provide you with everything, including billing and customer service.

Some points to consider with affiliate marketing

Not having to carry the responsibilities of marketing and client satisfaction are a major advantage of hosting affiliate programs. The following are some things to consider when starting an affiliate hosting business:

1. Plans and pricing – You depend on and follow the available plans and prices offered by the hosting provider.
2. Residual income – You’re paid either a one-time commission fee or for as long as the customer you referred keeps renewing the service.
3. Receiving payments – Affiliate checks are usually released once a month when your payout meets a minimum amount.

Looking for the best web hosting affiliate program

All web hosting companies are different, and each web host affiliate program is also slightly different. As with every business, you want to offer your web visitors a quality service and earn a reputation for providing value through the company you represent. Find out about the web hosting provider’s technical support, their capabilities for secure hosting, and their uptime guarantee. In order to generate more money for yourself, you should represent an established, reliable web hosting provider.

Another important aspect is the terms and payment conditions over time of the particular affiliate program. Some affiliate programs pay well in the beginning, and then over time your status changes and you get paid less. Some affiliate programs have no reliable payment schedule at all, and affiliates wait endlessly for checks that do not come.

Certified Hosting is a trusted web hosting provider

Since 1999 Certified Hosting has provided reliable shared hosting, dedicated server hosting and reseller hosting. Certified Hosting affiliate marketers are successful because Certified Hosting guarantees 99.99% uptime, secure and fast data transfers through our top quality servers, and 24-7-365 support for every customer, always ready to answer questions. Additionally, accounts are activated immediately so visitors you refer can receive safe and fast web hosting in minutes, not days.

The hosting affiliate program at Certified Hosting pays one of the highest referral fees of all web hosting affiliate programs available on the market today. The payment rate never decreases. In fact, it can almost double based on your referral rate. Every affiliate gets paid according to a pre-determined schedule, and no-one is left wondering when they will get their check. Certified Hosting provides high-conversion marketing materials including banners and tips to help you get started. Plus you get a free web hosting affiliate account for your affiliate website that you can use to set up as a blog, a review site, or any site you want.

Here’s how to get started

For those starting out in the exciting and profitable web hosting world, affiliate programs offer a simple way to get started and an easy way to build a highly profitable business. To learn more, sign up, or speak to a service representative today about Certified Hosting’s affiliate programs, visit www.certifiedhosting.com.