Establish A Successful Online Presence With Shared Hosting Services

By CertifiedHosting 02/11/2011

Any company or individual wanting to establish an online presence typically faces two big issues that need to be handled properly in order to succeed. The first is website creation and the second is choice of web hosting. While the first may be relatively simple, the second is often complicated for the majority of hosting customers due to the fact that there are so many hosting solutions available.

With free hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and multiple niche hosting variations like green hosting and ASP hosting available, which web hosting solution is right for your website? Among these web hosting solutions, shared hosting is the most common and widely used hosting service.

Shared hosting plans are typically configured to be the perfect solution tailored to the exact needs of most novice webmasters, private individuals, and small businesses. Shared hosting offers everything customers need to successfully embark on their online endeavors. And due to its affordability and ease of use, shared hosting is the most popular web hosting service on the market. But is shared hosting really what you need in order to launch a successful online business?

This article explores shared web hosting and why shared web hosting is so affordable, explains shared hosting’s benefits and uses, describes what you need to know about shared web hosts and shared hosting plans, and provides tips to help you choose the right shared hosting solution to make your online presence a success.

Why is shared web hosting so affordable?


The reason shared hosting is so popular is primarily due to its affordability as the cheapest of all paid hosting solutions available on the market. Shared hosting means multiples website accounts share a single server so the price for the shared hosting server’s usage is split among all users on that same server. When a server is shared by hundreds of accounts, two things happen: 1) prices go down and become affordable and 2) the shared server is vulnerable to downtime due to hundreds of shared hosting accounts sharing the same server.

The number of website accounts on a server varies from web host to web host – typically shared hosting companies will provision hundreds of accounts on a single shared hosting server. However, modern servers with multiple-core CPUs and terabytes of disk space are powerful and spacious enough to successfully accommodate and run even more websites without affecting performance. So, even if your prospective hosting provider hosts hundreds of accounts per server, the numbers should not discourage you from considering shared hosting.

So, what exactly do websites share on a single server?

They share server resources like CPU power, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. Depending on how many website accounts are placed on a server, your website may have either more or fewer resources available. When choosing shared web hosting services, ask your prospective shared hosting provider how many websites are typically hosted on their shared servers prior to signing up with them.

While there are web hosts that offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth on their shared hosting plans, some server resources like CPU power can never be unlimited. Each website account will have a certain amount of CPU resources assigned to it. If a shared web hosting account causes CPU spikes, causing the server to utilize all CPU resources, the shared hosting account might get suspended by the web hosting provider. So again, it is best to look for shared hosting with fewer accounts per server so that your website will have more resources available, maximizing uptime.

Benefits of shared web hosting services

Geared toward individuals and small businesses, shared hosting is the most affordable hosting solution for establishing an online presence. Although affordability is one of the biggest benefits of shared hosting, there are other benefits that make it more appealing than other types of hosting solutions. For example, shared web hosting enables simple management of your website so you do not have to worry about the technical challenges associated with server administration. With shared hosting, server administration is handled by the web host so you basically get a pre-installed platform configured for client-side management.

Other shared hosting benefits include the following benefits:

  • Low learning curve so even novices can easily use shared hosting services.
  • No need for technical knowledge or experience.
  • Easy to set up and maintain with free site builder and control panel.
  • No need for manual updates as all updates are performed by the web host.
  • No licensing fees for the operating system and software as they are paid by the web host.

While shared hosting is a better option for websites that require less disk space and bandwidth than dedicated server hosting, it does not mean your shared web hosting service has to be limited. In fact, most shared web hosts tend to include ample disk space, bandwidth, and more features than you need with your shared hosting plans. Web hosting has evolved to the point where shared hosting providers can offer plenty of features for a very low price, making shared web hosting services extremely affordable. With shared hosting services, you typically get everything you need to get you started online quickly.

The many uses of shared web hosting

Shared web hosting services provide an adequate amount of server resources and enough features for many web endeavors. For example, the multiple domains feature in shared web hosting solutions allow you to run several websites on a single account with relative efficiency. As a result, you can easily run CMS websites and multi-user blogs with your shared hosting plan. Additionally, shared hosting services appeal to advanced users by supporting scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, or Ruby on Rails for creating interactive web pages. With many companies moving their businesses online, free ecommerce features have also become common in shared hosting. And free shopping cart software and PayPal integration allows you to set up your online store quickly.

Another perfect application for shared hosting may be the construction and management of a small to medium sized blog, especially if you do not need to host a lot of multimedia content. You may also want to consider hosting your pictures or videos online using a shared hosting solution. Many shared hosting plans include a free blog, picture gallery, and video scripts within their hosting control panel that let you quickly and easily create a blog or a website to showcase your photos and videos.

If you have never used a hosting plan and you just want to learn how everything works, then a shared hosting plan is highly recommended. Shared web hosting is also highly recommended if you still do not know what kind of website you are going to build or you are unsure how you plan to generate income from your website. As a side note, it is simply impractical to make a significant investment without first making sure it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, shared web hosting provides a great opportunity to learn various aspects of web hosting with minimal investment prior to launching your online business.


New technology increases shared web hosting performance and security

Sure, shared web hosting has its downsides such as less security and reliability compared to VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. These downsides stem from the fact that all website accounts on a shared server are not isolated from each other, which results in websites affecting each other’s performance. For example, one badly optimized website may cause resource spikes that will result in degraded performance of other website accounts on the same server. Affected websites may experience slow page load times or even become inaccessible, which will have a negative impact on their reputation. Similarly, an attack on one website may bring the entire server down and it will take the web host some time to get the server back online during which other websites will be unavailable.

However, new shared hosting technology is now being implemented on many shared web hosting servers. Web hosts are taking all the necessary measures to provide enough resources and adequate security to make shared hosting as trouble-free as possible. Shared web hosting technology is constantly advancing with emerging technologies like load balancing and OS-level virtualization that are being adopted by some web hosts. Load balancing successfully solves the problem of low resources by intelligently distributing workload among several servers while OS-level virtualization provides increased security and stability by isolating website accounts from each other on the server.

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