Five Benefits Of Choosing A Quality Drupal Web Hosting Solution

By CertifiedHosting 07/15/2011


Content management systems (CMS), such as Drupal, Joomla, or Wordpress, allow web developers to create rich, attractive websites that can be updated easily, even by people with no programming skills. CMS have become wildly popular because they simplify the task of creating and maintaining an online presence, to the point where virtually anybody can create an impressive-looking website in a matter of hours. Add to that flexibility and scalability provided by Drupal and other CMS, and you will understand why content management systems have become a household name in companies and organizations around the world, from small charities to the largest corporate and government portals.

Drupal is a prime example of a popular CMS used in large-scale projects. A small list of high-profile projects developed with Drupal includes the sites of NASA, the White House, Harvard University, Popular Science magazine, Greenpeace, and many others. In fact, you have probably browsed a few Drupal websites today without realizing it.

It is obvious that Drupal is a great CMS that can be customized for virtually any scope or requirement. Nevertheless, to tap into the full potential of Drupal, webmasters and developers need a web hosting plan that is tailored to the particularities of Drupal. In the following article, we explore the importance of choosing a Drupal web hosting solution that was designed from the ground up with Drupal in mind. Furthermore, you will learn about the benefits of choosing a quality Drupal hosting service. Let’s begin with performance.

Ensure excellent loading times with a high-performance Drupal hosting solution

It is a well-known fact that page-loading times are a key factor that contributes to an enjoyable browsing experience. No matter how visually appealing your website is, no matter how well thought the design is, if the page takes a while to load, visitors will be tempted to leave and never come back. Are you prepared to take that risk?

The single most important factor determining website performance is the hosting service. Drupal websites are known to be fast, but in the end, the hardware resources allocated by the Drupal web hosting provider determine how quick the pages load. To avoid lag and even errors, choose a Drupal host that has generous bandwidth and disk space allowances. Even better, you can get unlimited Drupal web hosting services and never worry again about the bandwidth reaching its limits.

Host unlimited Drupal websites on a single Drupal web host

Most companies and organizations, and even some individuals, are likely to need more than one website. For example, a company can have a corporate site and several product-centric sites. Drupal makes it easy to create multiple websites, but you will need hosting space to put them online.

Many people would be tempted to think that a new Drupal hosting contract is needed for each new Drupal website. But, if you opt for a quality Drupal hosting provider you can host an unlimited number of domains on a single account. But you need to make sure that you are signing up for an unlimited Drupal web hosting solution, which lets you host as many domains as you need. The best part of having unlimited domain hosting is that you pay a single hosting fee, no matter how many domains you use.

Free setup and transfer services

When starting with a new Drupal web hosting provider, you have two choices – you either start from scratch with a new website, or you move an existing Drupal website from another host. In some cases, Drupal hosts charge for the initial setup of the hosting account or for the transfer of the Drupal website from the previous provider.

The fees charged for the setup may not be substantial, but they can add up to the total cost of the hosting. It is not unheard of for a company to have dozens or even hundreds of websites. If you are in this situation, the seemingly small setup can multiply and turn into a hefty additional cost. The solution is to go for the Drupal hosting companies that provide free Drupal installation services and free Drupal transfers from the previous web host.

Website customization through free Drupal templates and module installation

One of the features that makes content management systems so popular is flexibility. Drupal has built-in support for customization through templates and modules. The Drupal templates are also known as themes which are packages that determine the appearance of the Drupal website. With themes, it is easy to radically transform the way your website looks, with just a few clicks and in a couple of minutes.

Drupal modules (plugins) extend the functionality of Drupal beyond its core capabilities. For example, you can find a module that turns your website into an e-commerce platform, complete with a product database and a virtual shopping cart.

There are hundreds of modules and themes available online, created and maintained by the passionate Drupal community. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure to check if your Drupal web hosting solution includes free Drupal templates and free Drupal module installations.

Affordable Drupal hosting and money-back guarantee

With web hosting, it is good to have a safety net, no matter how confident you are in the quality of your Drupal hosting service provider. Trouble can appear at any moment, or you may discover that the Drupal web hosting services do not meet your requirements. To protect yourself from this occurring, it is a good idea to choose a Drupal web hosting provider that has a clear refund policy.

Costs are always important, but are even more important when you are just starting up. Always keep an eye on special offers and other bonuses – they can add up and make a difference. Make sure to compare all the available offers and crosscheck the list of features against the total costs of the hosting services. It is the best way to obtain the best Drupal web hosting services for your investment.

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