Four Ways To Start Increasing Your Reseller Hosting Income Today

By CertifiedHosting 05/18/2012


Whatever your specific reasons for getting started with reseller hosting, whether your web hosting business is a significant source of income or simply an extra way to make disposable income, one thing is certain: you want your reseller hosting service to generate revenue, all the time. Reseller hosting plans are a fantastic way to earn money online and enjoy the benefits of running your own business; however, earning a consistent income from reseller hosting takes careful planning and commitment.

In the right hands, a reseller hosting service could bring revenue in the tens of thousands of dollars every single year – but what are the best ways to increase your reseller hosting income to this incredible level? What are the reseller hosting plan features that you can use to your advantage to maximize the success of your web hosting business?

In this article, specialty reseller host Certified Hosting shares some insights and advice on getting the most from your reseller hosting plan. Drawing on years of experience in working with reseller hosting clients of all sizes, Certified Hosting provides you with four clear and straightforward guidelines covering everything from investing in advertising to improving your customer service. Read on to learn how to get a head start in the world of reseller hosting and how to make your web hosting efficient, competitive, and – most importantly – profitable.

1. Raise your prices to increase your reseller hosting profit margins

The number one rule of any business is to keep your expenditures as low as possible, and your revenues as high as can be. When it comes to reseller hosting plans, reducing your expenditures means finding the most affordable reseller hosting on the market, and increasing your revenues can only mean one thing – charging your customers more money.

Of course, while increasing your prices can instantly increase your income, it is also possible that such a move could alienate current and potential customers. Just as you would not choose a reseller hosting plan that you feel is too expensive, your customers will not be interested in your web hosting services if you set your prices too high. If you are to take this step and increase the price that you charge your customers, the most important thing of all is to keep your web hosting service standards incredibly high.

2. Improve your reseller hosting services with streamlined support and useful software

Generally speaking, the technical performance of the web hosting plans that you sell from your reseller hosting depends on factors that are out of your immediate control. Things like the network infrastructure from which your content is served are controlled by your reseller hosting provider. However, customer service is completely within your control as a web hosting reseller, and this represents a fantastic place to improve your services.

One way to keep customer service standards high is with the help of client management and client billing software. Systems such as ClientExec offer not only billing, but also technical support and ticketed help desk functionality to make it easier than ever to offer great customer support. Doing so allows you to attract more customers and charge your users more money.

Another area of your web hosting product that you can easily control is the range of software and web applications that you offer your reseller hosting customers. Some reseller hosting services include automated script installers and popular control panels such as cPanel, all of which can help to entice more customers to your web hosting business.

3. Upsell other products related to your reseller hosting services

When a novice webmaster begins to investigate how to set up their web presence, they soon realize that there are a lot of different elements that need to come together. Along with web hosting services, every reseller hosting customer is likely to require a domain name in order for customers to access hosted content. You can make your customers’ lives easier and increase your revenue by offering domain name registration services.

Some reseller hosting plans even come complete with a free domain name reseller account. Using a domain name reseller account, it is possible to sell your own web addresses in the same way as you sell web hosting. Simply by having a domain name reseller account available to you, you can potentially earn extra income from every single customer.

4. Attract more reseller hosting customers with paid-for online advertising

Finally, never underestimate the importance of advertising your web hosting business all around the Internet. While it is great to improve your services by offering customer support tools, useful web applications, and the ability to purchase domain names, all of these things are useless unless people hear about your company.

The best reseller hosting providers care about helping their customers to promote their web hosting business effectively, even offering free credit for use with paid-for web advertising such as Google AdWords. Alternatively, why not take advantage of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about your services, or offer incentives to your existing customers for referring their friends and colleagues.

By working to make your web hosting services the best that they can be and by effectively marketing your products online, you can quickly see your income from your reseller hosting service begin to soar.

Take your hosting business to the next level with reseller hosting from Certified Hosting

If you are looking to earn more money from reseller hosting, choose the reseller web hosting plan that gives you the flexibility you need to sell more accounts and choose a reseller hosting plan that offers the built-in features that attract customers to your business.

Certified Hosting can provide a range of reseller hosting plans, with different allocations of disk space and bandwidth depending on the scale of your business. Whichever plan you choose, Certified Hosting’s unlimited reseller hosting services do not limit the number of domains and accounts that you can serve from your plan, enabling you to maximize your client base.

In addition, reseller hosting from Certified Hosting comes complete with a number of added features to make your services attractive. These features include ClientExec client billing and support software, automated script installer packages, convenient cPanel & WHM control panels, and even a $100 Google AdWords credit to fund your initial online advertising expenditure.

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