Get More From Your Magento Hosting Plan

By CertifiedHosting 10/04/2012


For anyone who runs an online store, Magento hosting services are the leading choice of ecommerce platform. Magento is full of powerful features that help you create the best online shopping experience for your customers. Magento makes it easy to build out your product range, cross-sell other products that may be of interest to your customers, and process these orders for dispatch. As a result, Magento hosting services are currently used by major names in retail, including The North Face, Olympus, and Breville.

Although most online retailers use Magento to power their online sales, it is surprising how many of those retailers do not take full advantage of Magento’s features. Retail is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and many business owners are at a major disadvantage because they only use a few features available with their Magento hosting plan.

To help you make the most of your Magento hosting plan, read on to learn about the Magento hosting services features you should be using to maximize your sales and drive online revenue. You will also learn about Magento Extensions, and how these modules can often be installed free of charge to make your Magento hosting plan more powerful than ever.

Are you using every feature available with your Magento hosting plan?

Every feature retailers need from an ecommerce hosting solution is available with a Magento hosting plan – this is why Magento is the leading shopping cart and checkout application. With Magento, retailers are able to launch a store with organized products in clearly defined categories, give customers a shopping cart system to use as they browse, and process their orders efficiently during checkout. But beyond these essential features, Magento web hosting also comes with some additional features that can be used to make your ecommerce site even more successful.

Many retailers receive a lot of traffic from search engines. In fact, most consumers turn to Google before they turn to a specific retailer. But getting good search engine rankings depends on creating quality content, and a lot of it, along with a catalog of your products, such as the catalog feature available with Magento. Magento also offers the ability to add META descriptions for each product, which appear in search engine listings. Make sure you spend some time writing these descriptions to inform potential visitors and motivate them to click through to your website.

Reward your loyal customers

Another built-in feature of Magento hosting that many retailers do not use is the Reward Point system. You already offer customer logins and saved customer details for a personalized experience, so why not reward your loyal customers with an additional incentive?

The Reward Point functionality is easy to configure, allowing you to set a certain number of points for every dollar spent, and even launch promotions offering extra points. Once customers have saved enough points, you could offer them a small discount as a token of your appreciation. Reward Points improve customer retention, and if used to its fullest potential, can help you generate more revenue from each customer.

A good way to learn more about the features available with your Magento hosting plan is to explore the help system that is integrated into the platform. Magento’s built-in Help lists every major feature in Magento, allowing you to utilize your Magento hosting plan to the fullest.

Use Magento hosting extensions to attract business and increase sales

Any retailer knows that sales is the most important function of a business. Even when armed with the best products in your industry, you must attract new customers and convert them into sales. Magento hosting already includes a number of features designed to drive sales, but intelligent online sellers can take their sales efforts even further with the use of Magento Extensions.

The best source for Magento Extensions is the official Magento website. Here, you will find modules and plugins that can quickly be added to your Magento installation. Simply offering an online product catalog and the ability to place orders is not enough to encourage buying. For the best results, use Magento extensions to make your website an interesting and interactive place to be.

A great way to start is with a content management system (CMS) extension. A CMS allows you to create a wide range of content that is outside of standard shopping cart functionality, including web pages, blog posts, and more. Using a CMS extension is an effective way to build out your website, giving customers the information they need to trust your organization and feel compelled to make a purchase. Even better, high quality and highly organized content will improve your search engine optimization and can be shared through social media to reach new customers.

You can also use Magento Extensions to make your product pages more distinctive. For example, using a Video module lets you add videos to your listings, showcasing the impressive features of your products to potential customers.

Professional Magento hosting services from Certified Hosting

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We can also install your Magento modules free of charge, allowing you to focus your attention on working with your online store, not configuring your back-end.

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