How Private Dedicated Server Hosting Puts You In Control

By CertifiedHosting 07/24/2012


In every aspect of your business, from sales to customer service, having control makes it easier to monitor progress and improve growth. Would you let somebody else take complete control of your products and services without letting you retain some measure of involvement? When you launch a web presence for your business, your dependence on an external web hosting provider reduces the control you have over the online arm of your organization. However, a private dedicated server hosting plan can help you remain in charge of your own hosting account.

In this article, written exclusively by experienced dedicated server host Certified Hosting, you will learn more about the importance of being in control of your web hosting. You will learn why more business owners are investing in private dedicated servers to get the type of hosting plan they require. In addition, you will discover the benefits of a completely private dedicated server, committed exclusively to serving the needs of your business and your customers.

Private dedicated server hosting lets you control hardware resources

In order to host web content, a hardware server requires access to many different resources. Inside a server, you will find a hard drive to store files and folders, RAM to act as temporary storage while processes occur, and a central processing unit (CPU) to power the millions of processes it takes to run a website. Particularly as the web becomes increasingly dynamic and full of rich, database-driven applications, these resources are like the fuel that keeps a web hosting service running. A private dedicated server hosting plan equips your business with an entire hardware server and all the resources available to it.

While shared web hosting services are set up so that multiple accounts must share the RAM, CPU, disk space, and bandwidth of a single server, dedicated server hosting devotes an entire machine to your web presence and applications. If you plan to offer resource-intensive content to a large community of visitors, a dedicated server guarantees that you can access the hardware power you need to make this a reality.

In addition, private dedicated servers provide more consistent, dependable access to server power. In a shared hosting environment, resource allocations are flexible and constantly shifting. If one account on a server experiences a sudden traffic spike, this account can effectively hoard the available resources. As a result, other users will find that their web presence has become slow and difficult to use, through no fault of their own.

Private dedicated servers ensure that the hardware resources you need are always available to you, and you alone.

Control the features of your new private dedicated server

When you rent a home, there are certain rules that limit the way you can use the space. Most landlords do not allow major adjustments to the property to protect their assets and make them suitable for other tenants. This dynamic is similar to that of shared web hosting, where the settings of your service are determined by the needs of the majority. Using a private dedicated server is more like owning your own home. Rather than being dictated by the needs of other customers, the features of a dedicated server can be tailored to your specific requirements.

First, the hardware aspects of a dedicated server can be adjusted to suit you. While web hosts offer quick and easy dedicated servers with pre-configured hardware features, you can also select a customized solution as necessary. If you decide that you will need extra storage space for large files or additional RAM for more responsive web applications, these can be installed on your hardware for an additional recurring charge.

The same is true of the software features included with your private dedicated server. The fundamental software that makes up the foundation of a web server includes an operating system to handle services, as well as a control panel to facilitate easy configuration of web hosting features. Many hosting providers can install a range of operating systems, including several Linux distributions and Windows, as well as web hosting control panels, such as cPanel/WHM and Parallels Plesk Panel.

By choosing a private dedicated server as opposed to a shared solution, you can equip your business with the hardware and software it needs to be a success.

Private dedicated server hosting controls the security of your data

Finally, the privacy offered by a dedicated server is important to businesses seeking to keep their data protected against damage, theft, and interception. The data that a business holds online is often crucial to the continued success of the business. From customer records to product information, protecting this data should be a priority for every organization.

Both shared web hosting and virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting) store your mission-critical data on hardware that is shared with other users. This opens up a potential point of access to your data that, with the right expertise, can be breached. Although most shared and VPS solutions use state-of-the-art technology to keep data safe, private dedicated server hosting offers complete peace of mind with the most robust protection.

As well as standard in-line firewalls to control access to the network on which your data is stored, many private dedicated servers feature additional measures designed to defend your information. These features could include proactive server monitoring to identify the signs of an attempted breach, initial server hardening to optimize the operating system for security, and ongoing updates and patches to eliminate weaknesses in the server.

By design, a private dedicated server is the ideal solution for keeping your confidential data private.

Order private dedicated server hosting from Certified Hosting

With more than 13 years of experience in the web hosting industry, Certified Hosting offers a range of dedicated server hosting services that keep you in control of your hardware, your software, and the data you store.

Certified Hosting currently provides a choice of two pre-configured private dedicated server solutions, both of which include 24-hour setup, 4-hour hardware replacement, and a 100% network uptime guarantee. Even better, these services also include the features of a managed dedicated server hosting plan at no additional charge. Customers receive a number of administration and monitoring features, including free OS installation, backups and restores, proactive server monitoring, and automated patch installation.

Alternatively, customers can select an unmanaged server with a custom configuration, including a choice of operating systems and hardware resources. These accounts include root access for complete control.

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