How To Choose The Best Hosting Affiliate Program

By CertifiedHosting 04/03/2012


The Internet may seem like it is full of great money-making schemes that could turn you into a billionaire overnight. Between pop-up advertisements and spam email, the average web user is constantly bombarded with promises of riches. While these promises are mostly false, it is understandable that people find themselves drawn to the idea of generating revenue from the comfort of their own home.

There is, however, one way of starting your own online business that really works: affiliate web hosting. With affiliate hosting, you partner with a reputable web hosting provider to help them promote services and web hosting solutions in exchange for a payout fee that you can earn month after month. But which affiliate hosting services will generate you the most income? How do you find the best web hosting affiliate program with so many rival web hosts offering similar services?

In this article, you will learn more about affiliate web hosting, including how hosts pay their hosting affiliates. You will also discover the essential features that every good affiliate hosting plan should include, along with the added features offered by the very best hosting affiliate programs. With the help of this article, you can get started with quality affiliate hosting and start generating extra income today.

First, what is a web hosting affiliate program?

Whether a business primarily operates online or from a brick-and-mortar location, marketing and promotion lies at the very heart of what makes a company successful. After all, even the best products and services will go unnoticed unless information about them reaches the right consumers. For a web hosting provider, it is important to reach all types of web users, from novices looking to create their own corporate website, to expert web developers planning to launch an online application.

A web hosting affiliate program is a way for web hosts to increase their marketing reach with the help of the online community. Once you sign up to an affiliate hosting program, you can promote the services of your chosen web hosting provider in any way that you can imagine, from placing banner advertisements, to promoting them via social media. You can even tell your friends and the people you interact with online about the web hosting plans offered by your host.

Whichever method you use to market the affiliate hosting provider, any users you refer to the company will be tracked and linked to your hosting affiliate account. If your referred user makes a purchase, you will then receive a payout that is immediately credited to your account. Most web hosting affiliate programs pay for referrals using a commission-based system with fixed payouts for each new customer. However, the best hosting affiliate programs provide tiered payout ladders, rewarding you with higher payouts as you bring in more referrals.

Of course, a quality web hosting affiliate program will not ask you to create your own marketing campaign from scratch. The best web hosting affiliate programs include useful tools to help you earn money as easily as possible.

The best web hosting affiliate programs start with essential tools

As you search for the best affiliate hosting program, you will come across many promises of high payouts. However, with such programs, you often have to pay out-of-pocket for the promotional tools you will need in order to draw new customers to the business.

If you are looking for a hosting affiliate program, always verify that they include the following essential tools:

Free Affiliate Web Hosting

Whether you plan to launch an entire website dedicated to the hosting services offered by your affiliate hosting provider, or you simply aim to host email newsletters and advertisements, you will need a simple, shared web hosting solution. Of course, if you are forced to pay for this plan, you will  find yourself losing money before you even begin to attract referrals. Free web hosting ensures that your affiliate marketing plan is instantly profitable.

Branded Banners & Advertising

If your chosen web host has already built up a strong brand image using logos and advertisements, one of the most effective things you can do is simply distribute the brand to new places online. An affiliate hosting provider should give you access to a range of branded banners and logos, making it easy to create content that looks professional and gains the trust of your audience.

Specialty Hosting Affiliate Program Advertisements

There may be some instances where the marketing resources and graphics you need are more advanced than standard banner advertisements. The best web hosting affiliate programs always include advertisements in a range of formats, including lightboxes that can be opened on-screen for more information, and page peels that “peek” out from the corner of your website.

The three affiliate hosting features described above are essential, creating the basis from which you can begin to build your marketing presence and attract new customers to your host. But to maximize the impact of your advertising and make the most money, look for the following features that can turn a hosting affiliate program from good to great.

What makes the best hosting affiliate programs different?

The core components of most affiliate hosting programs are very similar, so choosing the best affiliate hosting program means looking for those added features that make a host stand out from the competition.

The first indicator of an excellent hosting affiliate plan is the host’s willingness to help you to achieve your marketing goals and earn more revenue. The best affiliate hosting providers will offer to customize your banners and advertisements, giving you the chance to use established brand imagery in a way that suits your individual endeavors.

Secondly, the best hosting affiliate programs use advanced cookie tracking to guarantee that you always receive the referral payouts that are due to you. If you bring a visitor to your hosting provider’s website but the visitor does not place their order for a few weeks, you are still owed the payout for the part you played in sourcing the new customer. Look for affiliate hosting that is tracked using cookies placed on the visitor’s computer, linking them to your hosting affiliate account for up to 90 days.

Finally, the best hosting affiliate programs have the fairest, most generous payouts in the industry. Why settle for a tiered payout structure that tops out at a few dollars per sale? Some affiliate hosting programs offer payouts of more than $100 for just one sale, giving you an incentive to source top-quality customers time and again.

Looking for the best affiliate web hosting? Choose Certified Hosting

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