Leverage The Power Of Video With Ffmpeg Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 11/12/2010

Business websites, personal websites, and social media websites are incorporating video more and more into the online environment. And video sharing sites like YouTube are increasing in popularity. Quality audio and video on a website attracts the interest of website visitors and keeps them on your website. Additionally, video sharing develops a connection between users with a common interest.

Many website hosting options have limited server resources dedicated to each hosting account, making it difficult or even impossible to upload and share videos. FFmpeg, an application for creating and manipulating audio and video, gives you the ability to add audio, video, and video sharing capability to your website. This article explores FFmpeg web hosting, the benefits of FFmpeg for incorporating media into your website, and how to get the most from FFmpeg video hosting.

What is FFmpeg? What is a tube site?

FFmpeg stands for Fast Forward MPEG (motion picture experts group). Mpeg is the standard file format for videos and audio. FFmpeg is an open source software that handles multimedia data and is installed on a server. FFmpeg uses libraries of codecs to give you the ability to create videos or modify and manipulate existing audio and visual files. With FFmpeg you can enhance your website visitor’s experience through multimedia and customize the audio/visual experience to suit your audience and your needs.

A tube site is a video sharing site such as YouTube, where users may upload their own videos for other users to view. By installing a tube cloning script to your website, you may convert your website to a video sharing site. Depending on the topic of your website, website visitors may use videos to share reviews of your services, explain how they implemented your products, or share opinions.

What is FFmpeg hosting?

FFmpeg is software installed on the web server. Many shared hosting companies will not install FFmpeg just for one hosting customer that wants to use videos. FFmpeg hosting has FFmpeg pre-installed, with servers configured specifically for optimal media manipulation and streaming. The hosting plans include ample server resources for audio and video files, with smooth buffering, streaming, and quick loading and uploading. FFmpeg hosting also gives you the tools to make your media files compatible on all Internet browsers.

FFmpeg hosts provide scripting libraries such as Libogg and Libvorbis to manipulate and customize every aspect of audio and video files. FFmpeg hosting providers support other scripting programs such as Clipshare and PHP Motion so you can easily turn your website into a video sharing experience without having to implement extensive programming.

What are the best uses of FFmpeg video hosting?

Website owners can use FFmpeg hosting and tube site hosting to add multimedia in a variety of ways to their websites. You can use the script libraries and programs to:

  • Capture frames from existing videos and set up a gallery, or copy excerpts from a video with designated starting and ending points.
  • Record a video from your webcam or cell phone and format it for uploading to a tube site.
  • Synchronize the audio and video portions of a video.
  • Convert audio and video files to any desired format.
  • Broadcast a video in real time, or join together multiple video files.

The ways to enhance your website and video sharing site with FFmpeg web hosting are unlimited. FFmpeg hosting gives you control over the media you use on your website, and the capability to create an engaging online experience for your web visitors.

What technical knowledge do you need to use FFmpeg hosting effectively?

In order to use tube hosting and FFmpeg hosting most effectively, you should be comfortable working with codecs. Codecs are the programs used by media players to play music and movies on your computer. You should also have knowledge of the different ways digital files are stored in order to maximize all the options available to you with FFmpeg web hosting.

With knowledge of the different file types, you can convert your media to use less bandwidth, or convert uploaded video files to the same file format. FFmpeg hosts are knowledgeable about using FFmpeg and are a good source of information on hosting for a video sharing website and for incorporating audio and video into your existing website.

Important considerations when choosing an FFmpeg host

Since FFmpeg is installed on a hosting provider’s server, the quality of the server affects the quality of your video site. Both the clarity and quickness of your videos and audio files for streaming and downloading depend on the hosting environment. When choosing an FFmpeg host, investigate the quality of the hardware and the maintenance of the network environment.

When you have a hosting issue, or even an FFmpeg question, thorough support available from your FFmpeg hosting provider is essential. Choose a provider for your FFmpeg hosting that has knowledgeable and responsive support technicians available 24-7. Whenever a problem may arise with a video or any other aspect of your video sharing website, a quick resolution to the problem keeps the engaging atmosphere you are working to build with your website.

Increased traffic and popularity eventually leads to the need for upgrading to an FFmpeg video hosting plan with more server resources. If your FFmpeg hosting provider has scaleable hosting options and assistance with moving files if necessary, then your FFmpeg hosting can grow along with your website.

Certified Hosting makes video sharing simple

Certified Hosting gives you the tools to create the individualized website you want and a website your web visitors expect. Certified Hosting’s unlimited FFmpeg web hosting provides you with servers configured to run FFmpeg flawlessly and optimized to stream your videos instantaneously. Top of the line technical infrastructure and pro-active maintenance are just part of Certified Hosting’s FFmpeg hosting. You also get a guaranteed 99.99% uptime and expert support 24-7.

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