Setting The Foundation For Success With Linux Web Hosting Solutions

By CertifiedHosting 03/20/2012


It is a very common trait of humans to stick with what we already know. You can see this trend at work when consumers buy big brand names despite the affordability of lesser-known products, when an employee clings to a job that they no longer enjoy or feel is productive, and even when people refuse to relocate their families despite the rapid downfall of their local community. When you begin to search for a web hosting solution to launch your online presence, you may also be tempted to stick with what you already know.

In terms of a computer operating system, or OS, the most familiar name is Microsoft Windows. Over the years, Windows has become the center of the home and office computing industry, with as many as 90% of all users booting up to Windows every single time they use their PC. But did you know that Linux remains the most popular operating system for the web hosting industry, with Linux web hosting services outselling Windows hosting by a significant margin?

In this article, you will learn about the Linux operating system, including the key features of Linux hosting that make it the number one choice for web presences of all sizes. In addition, you will discover more about the open source nature of Linux web hosting services, and how this can translate into significant benefits that increase your chances of online success.
What is a Linux hosting plan?

Originally launched over twenty years ago in 1991, Linux is a free, open source operating system designed to give home computer users a lightweight, highly efficient operating system, completely free of charge. While Microsoft continues to charge high commercial prices to license the Windows operating system, Linux represents a refreshing attempt of passionate developers to give users another, more affordable choice.

Over the years, many different developers and development teams have helped Linux become even more successful. This ongoing development has resulted in a number of different variations, or distributions, of Linux, each with their own modifications and alterations built onto the core features of Linux.

A Linux hosting service is any kind of web hosting that uses a Linux distribution as the foundation of its hardware servers. Even though it is the web server that features the CPU, RAM, and disk space required to process data, the operating system is a vital tool that coordinates the way processing occurs. As a result, the choice of operating system has a direct influence on the way hardware will perform in practice.

Linux web hosting solutions continue to dominate the web hosting industry because developers understand that they can get a reliable, dependable operating system without increasing their expenses or buying prohibitive Windows licenses.

Linux web hosting services: reliable right down to the core

Reliability, or the general efficiency of your web server, is possibly the single most important factor to consider when buying a web hosting solution. After all, even if you develop the greatest, most exciting content in the world, this will be of little benefit to you if your hosting plan is routinely unavailable, or offline.

Linux hosting plans are incredibly reliable as a direct result of the Linux kernel. The Linux kernel is the core programming that makes up the Linux operating system – it is this part of Linux that does not change, regardless of which distribution you use. The kernel features several built-in features that help to keep your Linux web hosting online, all the time.

Ultimately, these features result from the unique way in which Linux hosting uses the resources of your server hardware. While Windows hosting attempts to maximize use of RAM and CPU to maintain lightning-speed performance, Linux web hosting has a more intelligent approach to performance, balancing speed against efficiency and overall server stability. Wherever possible, Linux hosting keeps some hardware power in reserve. This means that if your traffic suddenly increases without notice, a Linux hosting plan is able to cope with the change and call on its power reserves.

In addition, many Linux distributions, such as CentOS, are specifically targeted at the needs of the web hosting industry. To maintain great reliability, developers create a lightweight, simple GUI (graphical user interface), which does not drain the available system resources. While Windows has a relatively resource-intensive GUI used for direct interaction with the OS, the streamlined nature of Linux means that Linux web hosting plan customers can be confident that their web presence will be consistently online and responsive.

The benefits of an open source Linux hosting service

As well as being particularly reliable, the open source nature of Linux web hosting brings with it some unique advantages that can help make your Linux hosting service more flexible, compatible, and affordable.

First, open source software allows many different developers to easily access the raw code that makes up Linux in order to make modifications or check for errors. With so many people working closely with the Linux kernel and the code that comprises the common Linux distributions, security flaws and bugs are identified very quickly, keeping your Linux hosting data safe and secure.

Furthermore, Linux web hosting customers can readily find community-based support online. The web development community and programming communities alike are committed to understanding and explaining Linux to new users, and if you find yourself in need of extra assistance with your Linux hosting service, there is a good chance that you will find help with a quick search engine query.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, open source software is distributed free of charge. Even though some Linux distributions are commercial endeavors, there are strict guidelines surrounding the way that Linux is used and the necessity of providing free Linux versions. This means that Linux web hosting is usually significantly more affordable than Windows web hosting, and the decreased overhead for a web hosting provider means that more resources can be concentrated on other areas of the business, including customer support and network infrastructure.

Open source Linux hosting services can give you the reliable and dependable web hosting that your web presence requires, at a price point that helps you increase your profits and boost your success.

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