Three Reasons To Choose Phpbb Hosting To Launch Your Online Discussion Board

By CertifiedHosting 05/03/2012


Take a look at what is currently popular on the Web, and you will quickly find that communities continue to dominate. For all of the gaming, microblogging, and poking, all social networks are built around a universal concept: people like to talk to each other about shared interests. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get a community up-and-running for your business or personal website is using a bulletin board application such as phpBB. Choosing phpBB hosting allows you to launch a message board for your visitors with minimal time and effort.

But why do so many people select phpBB hosting services over larger bulletin board systems with more exhaustive built-in feature sets? What are the key benefits of picking a phpBB hosting plan for your community? And how can phpBB hosting grow with your visitors over time?

In this article, expert phpBB hosting provider Certified Hosting outlines the three major reasons businesses and individuals continue to choose phpBB hosting to launch their own online communities. You will learn more about the performance of phpBB hosting plans, the ease with which your forum can be modified to include advanced features, and why phpBB is more affordable than competing bulletin board services. Finally, the article explains how easy it is to install phpBB and test drive its impressive features for yourself.

phpBB hosting features and benefits

1. phpBB hosting offers a simple bulletin board for great performance

One of the most attractive qualities of starting an online discussion community is the ease with which masses of interesting content can be shared among your visitors and customers. However, visitors can quickly be dissuaded from engaging with your community if your board is slow-to-load or makes posting new threads or replying to existing ones complex. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about these issues with phpBB hosting. phpBB hosting is consistently fast and responsive since the phpBB system is coded with simplicity in mind. The developers of phpBB have only included essential message board features, guaranteeing that your chosen phpBB hosting service is more than capable of processing discussions rapidly.

2. phpBB hosting plans can be easily modified to suit your community

Even though phpBB hosting message boards have simple and economical features, this does not mean that you cannot access all of the most advanced message board functions that you would usually associate with larger systems such as vBulletin. You can find a number of different phpBB modifications online, all of which are offered free-of-charge. With this modular approach to message board features, it is possible to create a version of phpBB hosting that includes all of the security and anti-spam features that come as standard in other message boards, without automatically having to include features that you do not want or need. The result is that your phpBB hosting plan suits your community perfectly, offering every feature you want without bloating the application or wasting your web hosting resources.

3. phpBB hosting software is open source and free forever

Best of all, phpBB hosting is an open source solution, with no one-time charges or ongoing license fees to be paid. You will never encounter expensive costs as you run and upgrade phpBB, making phpBB hosting a remarkably affordable and sensible investment for your business. In addition, the fact that phpBB is open source software means that there are many different web development communities who understand the application intricately. If you are in need of extra assistance with setting up your phpBB hosting, modifying settings, or installing phpBB mods, the help that you need is available online right now.

Between simple code, easy modification, and being available completely free-of-charge, phpBB remains a leading choice of bulletin board system for communities of all sizes. With the right phpBB hosting plan, your community could have the support and software that it needs to grow for years into the future.

phpBB hosting software can be ready for your visitors in minutes

One common concern among novice webmasters is whether installing phpBB is a time-consuming process. If you have never used a dynamic, database-driven application with your web hosting service, talk of MySQL and PHP could leave you feeling intimidated and unsure of how to proceed. To make the installation process quick and easy, some phpBB hosting providers offer a streamlined script installation system, where the entire installation is automated for your convenience.

One common script installer is Softaculous, which features a wide range of applications including not only message boards, but also ecommerce applications, blogs, and more. If your host provides Softaculous, simply navigate to the “Forums” category, select phpBB, and hit “Install.” Within just a few moments, phpBB will be installed to the folder of your choice, ready to configure, and waiting to serve your first community members.

Get specialized phpBB hosting services from Certified Hosting

With a comprehensive range of specialty web hosting services, Certified Hosting tailors every one of its hosting plans to the specific applications customers want to install. Certified Hosting’s phpBB hosting services make getting your forum up-and-running easier and quicker than ever, and thanks to Softaculous, you can install phpBB on any of Certified Hosting’s existing web hosting services.

With a phpBB hosting plan from Certified Hosting, you do not need to worry about installing or upgrading phpBB. Certified Hosting currently offers free phpBB hosting installation, free upgrades, and can even install free phpBB modules and modifications on request. You can also host an unlimited number of individual communities on just one phpBB hosting plan, at no additional cost.

For customers who are already using an alternative phpBB hosting provider, Certified Hosting is always happy to help with migration. The expert team of phpBB hosting specialists can not only move your application to Certified Hosting servers, but will also migrate your phpBB hosting database to keep all of your posts safe and secure.

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