Turning Your Affiliate Hosting Website Into A Sales Generator

By CertifiedHosting 08/31/2010


A promotional website or blog is one of the best ways to generate sales for your affiliate web hosting business. With the many different ways to set up a blog or website, how do you know which way is the most effective for persuading web visitors to sign up and purchase your affiliate hosting product? This article explores some website best practices for web host affiliate marketers to use in generating sales.

One web page per affiliate hosting offer

For achieving higher rankings in search engines and for extremely targeted content about each product, make a separate web page for the different web hosting affiliate offers. For example, one page could be about ecommerce hosting, one about dedicated server hosting, and another page about flash video hosting. The types of hosting you choose to display should be types of hosting your target audience would find useful. Include detailed features and information about that specific web hosting offer, product reviews, and testimonials. Mention how people with different types of businesses or interests benefit from that type of web hosting.

Offer web visitors something for free

The first time a web visitor comes to your web host affiliate program website, they may be interested in web hosting but not yet ready to purchase web hosting affiliate products. It is worth keeping in touch with those visitors so when they are ready to sign up for web hosting, they will think of you and your web hosting affiliate program offers.

Provide a free web hosting checklist, a special report or some free tips in exchange for their email address. Once you have their email address, send them follow up emails regularly that mention the benefits of the web hosting you offer – describe what makes it the best web host or let them know about new information posted to your website or blog. That way, when the person is ready to make a web hosting purchase, they will think of you and the web hosting you offer.

Generate traffic to your website with article marketing

Before you can make sales from your website visitors, you need to get people to your website. And you don't want just anyone, you want web visitors who are interested in web hosting and perhaps want to purchase web hosting services. One way to get this valuable targeted traffic is by article marketing.

Post relevant web hosting articles in Ezines and article websites such as www.articledashboard.com and www.ezinearticles.com, with a link to your website at the end of the article. The web visitors who follow that link to your website will already be interested in web hosting and are much more likely to click on an affiliate hosting program ad – your ad.

Place links, banners and ads for maximum effect

There are many places on a web page or blog to place ads for affiliate web hosting offers. Where do you place the ads to get the best response? The answer – place ads where they will attract your web visitor's attention without disturbing the positive experience you are trying to foster. Annoying visitors by placing ads in the middle of a sentence may make them leave your website and never come back. Overwhelming a web visitor with so many ads they cannot see the web page may also cause them to look for what they need someplace else.

The traditional places for banner ads are across the top of a web page, at the bottom in the footer, and at the top of the left or right sidebars. These locations work well. An ad or banner placed at the bottom of an article or blog post may be especially successful because readers who are so interested in web hosting that they read the entire article may be ideally suited to purchasing web hosting services.

If you have web hosting affiliate marketing tools such as lightboxes and page peels, those types of ads are a good way to attract attention to your affiliate web hosting offer without disturbing the positive user atmosphere on your website. Alternate the types of banners and ads you use, the positions where you place the banners, and the type of web hosting services offered. After testing many different combinations, you will see what types of ads, placement, and offers your online audience responds to best.

Be honest

If all of your online content is written to convince web visitors to purchase web hosting through your affiliate web hosting links, your web visitors will realize you are looking out for your own interests, not theirs, and they will mistrust you. Let your readers know you are a web hosting affiliate marketer and inform them how the web hosting services you promote will benefit them. When you recommend something, say why. This transparency breeds loyalty instead of mistrust, resulting in many more sales.

Be persistent

Web hosting affiliate businesses are not built in a day, or even a month. Don't give up. It takes time to get going with affiliate marketing, to figure out how to reach your audience and to be there when they think of web hosting. With a consistent web hosting affiliate marketing program, you will gain more recognition, increase sales and become an established web hosting affiliate business.

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