Unlimited Domain Web Hosting Provides Many Opportunities For Online Growth

By CertifiedHosting 03/11/2011


Most businesses and private users begin their online experience with a simple hosting plan and one website. Although a website and a simple web hosting plan may take you far if you are persistent enough and take your online business seriously, you will soon feel hampered by the limitations of running just one website. But the limitations of just one website and a simple hosting plan means you are on the right path and that it is time to consider expanding your business to a network of websites.

What’s in it for you? In addition to increasing your online visibility and diversifying your Internet outreach, building a network of websites will also improve your search engine rankings. In the online world, success is manifested by the number of visitors and amount of qualified traffic your website generates. Obviously, the higher the numbers, the more popular your website is, which directly affects your bottom line.

Several websites, generating considerable traffic, will let you achieve far greater results than a single website. While maintaining many websites increases your chances of success, it could also be an expensive and hard to manage venture if you had to purchase a separate hosting account for each website. Unlimited domain hosting service is a great, cost-effective solution that enables you to host unlimited domains within one single web hosting account and manage unlimited websites from one location, greatly increasing your efficiency and substantially reducing cost.

This article explores unlimited domains hosting, unlimited domain hosting uses and benefits, and provides valuable tips for those wishing to move beyond a single website account. Are you looking to expand your online presence by launching a network of websites? If so, unlimited domain hosting is the answer.

Enjoy considerable savings with unlimited domain hosting services

Unlimited domain hosting services opens up many opportunities for online growth. For instance, it allows you to create and host as many websites as you want without any additional cost. Instead of opening a new account for each new website, unlimited domain web hosting allows you to host any number of websites under the same account. Doing so gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money because you only need to sign up for one single hosting plan with one hosting provider. And it saves you a lot of time and frustration as you get to manage all your websites from a centralized location. With unlimited domain hosting, you have the ability to log into your account and administer features and services for each domain via the same control panel.

Each website that you host on an unlimited domain hosting server can be assigned a unique domain name that may be related to a product or service that the website promotes. Domain names are generally affordable and easy to acquire. A hosting provider may offer you the option to register your domains or you may want to register your domains elsewhere, pointing the domains to your hosting provider’s server afterward. Assigning a distinctive domain name to all your websites will help you establish your corporate identity, promote your products or services, and ultimately build a reputation for your websites. Unlimited domain hosting also allows you to setup specific email addresses, databases, FTP accounts, and subdirectories for each of your domains. Basically, unlimited domain hosting is like having multiple website hosting accounts in a single package.

Unlimited domain hosting allows users to host any type of website imaginable


Unlimited domain hosting is a perfect environment for ecommerce where diversification is a key to success. Setting up multiple ecommerce websites means you will have multiple sources of income instead of depending on one revenue stream from a single website. Successful online businesses constantly look for ways to expand by adding new websites to their network and by entering new niches to diversify their approaches and extend their outreach. Even if one endeavor does not turn out profitable enough, you still have multiple ways to succeed with other websites. It is also much easier to reach different target audiences with several websites than with one general website. You cannot possibly cover everything with one broad website and you cannot diversify it enough to make it appealing to all audiences.

Some of the typical uses of multiple domain name hosting include the following:

  • Hosting multiple websites.
  • Parking domains (reserving domain names for redirection purposes).
  • Aliasing a single website (assigning multiple domains to a single website).
  • Reselling resources under a reseller hosting account.

There are many other ways unlimited domain hosting can be used. Businesses can market their products and services via individual websites to see just how good the demand is for a particular product or service. Each time a new product or service is launched, a new website can be created specifically for promoting the product or service. With unlimited domain hosting, you can create any type of website that will help build your brand and promote your products and services. Ecommerce stores, blogs, portals, web galleries, and promotional websites – you name it. And with a Softaculous script library offered by many unlimited domains hosts in combination with a powerful cPanel control panel, your choices are almost endless. While the types of websites you create are your decision, you need to ensure your websites’ content is related in some manner. As a result, linking your websites together will be much easier and your websites will achieve higher search engine ranking.

Things to consider when opting for an unlimited domain hosting plan

Running multiple websites on one hosting account means you only get server resources for one account, regardless of how many websites you have on that account. This is a huge drawback because the more websites you have, the less server resources can be assigned to each website meaning their performance will be subpar. But now that some hosting providers have started offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth on their unlimited domain hosting plans, this is no longer an issue so you just need to choose the right web host. Another aspect to look for when choosing the right unlimited domain website hosting provider is the uptime they provide. Also, look to see if they have a dependable backup system in place. Since all your websites will be running on one server, it will be disastrous if the server goes down and there is no backup server in place.

Look for a host that has the capacity to handle spikes in traffic without throttling your websites or worse, shutting them down. Some hosts offer advanced technologies that completely eliminate traffic spikes and greatly improve uptime ensuring your websites are always up and running. When you consider unlimited domain hosting, do not be put off by the fact that you will need to share your IP with possibly thousands of other website accounts. However, if you have the resources for a dedicated IP, go for it. Having your own dedicated IP address will give you the ability to install your own SSL certificate, which is essential for ecommerce websites. Most importantly, focus on developing unique content for each of your websites as that is what ultimately affects search engine rankings and boosts your online visibility.


Certified Hosting offers the most stable and reliable unlimited domain web hosting in the industry


Hosting unlimited domains in one place makes sense both financially because you only have to pay for one plan and from an administrative point of view because you only have one place to log in and one place to manage all your websites. Unlimited domain hosting is an ideal option if you plan to expand your online business to a network of websites. But in order to succeed, you need to make sure you sign up with the right unlimited domain hosting provider. While many web hosts offer unlimited domain hosting plans, not all plans are the same. Certified Hosting offers clients unlimited domain web hosting plans with a combination of advanced features and options not found at most competing web hosting companies.

All unlimited domain hosting plans from Certified Hosting come packed with the largest variety of free features including free site builder and Softaculous 1-click installs to get your websites up and running quickly. Certified Hosting’s most advanced Nerd plan also features a free dedicated IP and a free private SSL for maximized security. Certified Hosting also offers 24/7/365 proactive server monitoring and 24/7 expert support via phone, chat, and email with all Certified Hosting unlimited domain web hosting plans.

From an industry-leading shared hosting environment running on CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack to a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, truly unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and custom Certified Protection, Certified Hosting provides the most stable and reliable unlimited domain web site hosting in the industry.

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