Vps Web Hosting Services Vs. Cloud Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 06/29/2012

Since they are both suitable for customers whose websites are outgrowing shared hosting but are not ready to move to a dedicated server, it’s no surprise that people often find themselves confused as to the difference between VPS hosting plans and cloud hosting. The most fundamental distinction that you should understand is how the hardware power your website needs is supplied.

Both cloud hosting and VPS hosting have unique benefits, and by researching plans and estimating your future traffic levels, you can be sure that the plan you choose is the best one for your goals.

To help you find the right web hosting service for your web presence, Certified Hosting has put together this guide to the essential differences between VPS web hosting and cloud hosting plans. You can also explore our Resource Center to find out more about VPS hosting services.

VPS hosting is the basis for most cloud web hosting services

While a VPS hosting service puts your hosting plan on one physical server, cloud hosting uses multiple interconnected servers to host your account. In theory, a cloud infrastructure offers infinite system resources, such as RAM, CPU, and disk space. This means that the system resources available “in the cloud” can be quickly scaled up and down to suit your changing needs, while VPS hosting resource allocation takes longer to change and upgrade.

Cloud hosting is largely seen as the future of the Internet, or as a more reliable and flexible solution for growing your business online. Ultimately, a cloud hosting plan will be capable of serving your web presence for years to come, without requiring you to change plans, migrate, or upgrade.

However, if you take the time to estimate the amount of resources you require, you will find that VPS hosting services are more affordable than their cloud hosting counterparts.

Do I need cloud hosting or a VPS hosting service?

To make an informed choice about whether VPS hosting or cloud hosting is right for you, it is useful to estimate the amount of system resources you will need. You can then easily determine if a VPS hosting plan will limit your potential for growth.

Think about the number of visitors you hope to attract in the next twelve months, and the size of the content you will provide. While static pages of information can be delivered in small file sizes, richer content such as video and audio will require more hardware power to process.

With an estimate of your projected traffic levels and average content size, you will begin to understand how much RAM, CPU, disk space, and bandwidth will be required to keep your server functional, and whether VPS hosting can meet these demands.

Finally, estimate how your traffic needs might change over time. Do you expect your web presence to grow predictably and steadily? If so, an affordable VPS web hosting plan could be the right choice for you. However, if you are concerned that you may encounter sudden growth or unpredictable traffic spikes, choosing cloud hosting with automated scaling makes it possible to keep your web hosting service one step ahead of demand.

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