What Would You Do With 10 Tb Bandwidth?

By CertifiedHosting 06/30/2010


If you get frustrated with the limitations of shared hosting or with minimum bandwidth capacity in your dedicated server hosting, this blog post is for you! Certified Hosting is proud to announce a bandwidth upgrade for all dedicated servers.

It means you could have an online forum. It means all your users could download a video at the same time. It means you can try out a fancy Flash intro. Read our recent Certified Hosting Increases Bandwidth to 10TB for All Dedicated Servers press release announcing the 10 TB bandwidth upgrade. And remember, the most important aspect of the 10 TB bandwidth upgrade for managed dedicated servers is this: greater online capability, faster response times and enhanced overall efficiency.

At Certified Hosting, we take our mission of unlimited hosting seriously. If your dedicated server hosting is not enough for you to reach your business goals, unlimited fully managed dedicated server hosting may be the solution you are looking for in a reliable hosting solution. The unlimited tools provided with all Certified Hosting dedicated servers include unlimited databases, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited email addresses, and most importantly, unlimited support requests. With managed dedicated server hosting from Certified Hosting, you get upgrades, backups and restores, server hardening, root access upon request, and more.

Dedicated server – are you ready yet?

Your goals and dreams should not be limited by your knowledge of website hosting. If your plans for your website or online business are beyond your technical knowledge, Certified Hosting is here to help. With fully managed dedicated server hosting you can take advantage of every available tool to boost your website's growth, knowing that Certified Hosting's expert staff is with you every step of the way.

Managed dedicated hosting, 10 TB bandwidth, and you

If your website is outgrowing shared hosting, Certified Hosting dedicated hosting managed servers with 10 TB bandwidth are exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. Equip your online presence with the features and capabilities your audience wants to experience. Contact Certified Hosting today to learn how you can grow your business with dedicated server hosting.