April Showers Bring May...hosting Promos

By CertifiedHosting 05/04/2010

Last month,  Certified Hosting made it rain with promotions. This month, we are letting those April showers bring May flowers! During the month of May, potential clients can play our version of a scratch and win ticket to claim different hosting promotions. Scratch off flowers to reveal your …

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Entering The Hosting Business: Should You Be A Reseller?

By CertifiedHosting 05/03/2010

Website hosting is an exciting business to be in, and relatively simple to start up and get your feet wet. With web hosting, you give people the technical foundation their websites need – so they can inform and educate their visitors about their products, services, and content available on their website. read more

Can I Use My Own Nameservers (Dns) On Your Reseller Plan?

By CertifiedHosting 02/23/2010

First, let me explain what DNS is. DNS stands for Domain Name Service. DNS translates IP addresses into domain names. Each domain name must list nameservers. With your own custom nameservers (DNS) it would look something like, dns1.mycustomnameserver.com and dns2.mycustomnameserver.com. Your name …

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I Felt Like I Was Going To Die...

By CertifiedHosting 09/17/2009

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt like you were going to die? Yesterday was that day for me. I was sick from head to toe. Couldn't breathe, body ached, fever, headache...you name it, I was dealing with it! I took most of the day off, popped 12 tylenol cold and sinus pills …

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New Data Center

By CertifiedHosting 07/23/2009

Certified Hosting has some exciting news! Over the past year, we have quietly been working closely with our data center as they build what will become our newest, most advanced, state-of-the-art data center.    Our current data center location, at 56 Marietta Street in Atlanta, has served us …

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Certified Hosting Celebrates 10 Years Of Service

By CertifiedHosting 06/01/2009

10 Years. 10 Hot Deals. 10 Reasons to Get Certified! Certified Hosting - 10 Year Anniversary Promos: 1) Dork Plan – Get our DORK plan for a dime! First month only plus setup fee. Promo Code: DORK10 2) Geek Plan – Sign-up for a year and receive the first 10 months for $10. Promo Code: …

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Increase Your Odds

By CertifiedHosting 05/27/2009

Certified Hosting helps increase your odds of good search engine placement! Find Out How June 1st...

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You Will Want To 'stop On A Dime'

By CertifiedHosting 05/22/2009

Certified Hosting  will have you stopping on a dime with this promotion! Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Space for as little as a DIME? YES!!  More Details June 1st...

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Spring Has Sprung - Promo Code Inside

By CertifiedHosting 05/03/2009

April Showers bring May Flowers! Enjoy Spring and all it has to offer with our Spring promo. Receive 20% off with Promo Code: SPRING

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Heads Up!

By CertifiedHosting 04/22/2009

May is going to be a great month for Certified Hosting Affiliates .  Get those links up now, Certified Hosting is getting ready to release the biggest promo ever for our affiliates. Big Pay in May!

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