TSS and Certified Hosting Questions:

Q: What are we announcing?

A: As of October 4, 2018 Total Server Solutions welcomes Certified Hosting to the TSS family. As a result of this acquisition TSS has increased its Data Center and network capabilities allowing them to better serve existing and future clients. TSS continues to broaden its global platform of products and services, strategically adding assets with the goal of accelerating client momentum. TSS has over 10 years of experience in architecting, deploying, and managing enterprise-grade solutions around the world.

Q: What are the impacts and benefits to Certified Hosting clients?

A: With the dynamic nature of technology, Certified Hosting needed to be able to offer newer services in order to keep pace with its client’s increasingly sophisticated requirements. TSS, a leader in the industry, recognized the synergies and seized the opportunity to provide clients with a greater breadth of solutions, increased scale, and go to market capabilities. All clients will have access to TSS’ global platform of integrated products, services, and analytics tools as well as TSS’ consultative engineers who hold certifications such as VMWare, Veeam, Microsoft, and Magento.

Q: Will Certified Hosting brands remain intact?

A: In time the Certified Hosting brands will be consolidated into our singular customer experience under the Total Server Solutions brand. 

Q: Next steps?

A: At the individual customer level, you will be contacted by your dedicated account manager who will introduce himself/herself.  They will schedule time with you to review your current services as well as understand the goals you have for your business, any challenges you may be experiencing, and how we can help through the expanded, more comprehensive suite of services.  Internally, The TSS team and the Certified Hosting teams will continue to work closely to ensure continuity of service and support for our highly valued customers.

At a higher level, TSS will continue to share through press releases and marketing efforts, our continued expansion and role within the IT services community.

Q: Why choose TSS?

A: With 115 employees, 24 POP’s, and tens of thousands of servers across the globe, TSS is a market leader in managed global infrastructure. We can provide the services you have received from Certified Hosting with additional services such as cloud compute, managed network solutions, expanded IaaS platforms, and more...

Q: What is the Vision of TSS?

A: Founded in 2005, TSS has built a sterling reputation by providing Managed Infrastructure environments for customers across many vertical markets around the globe. TSS will continue to provide its customers with a highly customized, high performance platform which includes IaaS, a global network, and a suite of managed services such as DRaaS, BaaS, and CDN. TSS will continue to broaden its solution suite as the dynamic compute requirements continue to evolve. As always, TSS’ ultimate mission is to be an integral component of our customers’ IT strategy, enabling them to service their customers around the globe.

Sales Questions:

Q: Will my services change?

A: No, your existing services will not change. TSS offers products and services that can complement and augment existing solutions such as Web Application Firewall and Managed Data Protection powered by Veeam.

Q: Who is my sales rep? 

A: The TSS sales team has already begun to reach out to their pre-assigned customers. If you have not received communication by the time you have read this FAQ, please call 800-547-9995 or email sales@totalserverolutions.com.

Q: Who should I contact if I have further questions?

A: Email: sales@totalserverolutions.com or call 800-547-9995

Billing Questions:

Q: Will I need to update my credit card?

A: No, your primary credit card on file will transfer to the new system

Q: Will the bill descriptor change on my credit card?

A: No, the bill descriptor will not change right now. We will change it to Total Server Solutions in the next 120 days.   

Q: Does this mean my prices will increase?

A: No, invoice amounts will remain at contracted Certified Hosting rates.

Support Questions:

Q: Can I use the same phone number to call support?

A: Yes, dial the existing phone number to reach support.

Q: Will I be able to contact support the way I used to?

A: Yes, until further notice, please continue to submit tickets as normal or call at 1-800-547-9995.

Q: Will my support services change?

A: No, we will continue to support Certified Hosting customer environments in the same way.

Q: Will you continue to monitor my servers and website?

A: Yes, we will continue to monitor your solution; there will be no changes at this time.

Q: Will the same support admins work on my issues and answer my questions?

A: Yes, in addition to the system administrators you have been working with you will also work with the TSS support team to resolve any issues you may experience.

Q: Will I be able to see the old tickets? 

A: Yes, historical tickets will be available within the TSS Customer Portal (TCP) once the migration has been completed.

Q: How should I contact if I have support questions:

A: Please submit an email as before or call the support line. We will be available to answer any questions that you have.